Reactions to Donald Trump Presidential Announcement…

Tonight I just so happened to catch the Donald Trump presidential announcement speech via YouTube and decided to comment on it because I had the strangest positive/negative bipolar reaction to it. Usually with most candidates I can easily see through the crap and write the vast majority of them off rather quickly.
However, in this case I felt like I was playing some weird form of mental/psychological tennis, going back and forth between thinking
“Yeah, I’ve been saying these exact same things!” and an equal sneaking suspicion this guy could also be about 50% scumbag.
So I’ll just sum up here my personal 2 cents of positive/negative reactions, for whoever is bored enough to peruse them. Here goes..

1. He seems to be sincere about wanting to resuscitate America and
giving a solid honest bottom line of totally solid but politically incorrect truths – America – we eat our own, nobody’s at the wheel, this nation’s being run into the ground by treasonous insiders,
most of our political personnel are stupid, incompetent and bought and paid for. If we don’t turn this ship around really damn soon, we’re going down. Excellent!

2. Firmly opposes the flagrantly fascist corporate imperialist TTIP. That gives him some leverage for having integrity and intending to act in the public interest, he’s acknowledging the corrupt intent behind it and going against the global establishment trend. Great.

3. Seems sincere in wanting the best for the nation. More so than so many of them. And clearly he does have the motivation, drive and economic know-how to deliver what he promises in reconstructing and revitalizing this infrastructure. It’s clear this guy doesn’t mess around and is totally driven to make things happen. He resonates that, like he’s not controlled by private interests and really will roll up his sleeves and have at it.

4.He clearly seems to favor an absolute return to Constitutionalism. More points scored there, even including being pro second amendment. He’s not a gun grabber. Way to go bro. So this assertion of return to Constitution also puts him out of the totalitarian globalist loop.

1. Too much dogmatic neo-con talk. Delusional belief in American superiority and right to any form of predatory behavior as long as it’s directed abroad. Like the resurgence of America must happen at any cost to everyone else, and he’s very quick to talk nukes and war – add to that an obvious tie to military industrial self-interest.
He’s too set in getting his own way only, making a fast show of power and taking action to get his way at any cost. This isn’t someone who should be making decisions about military involvements.
Sees American superiority as the goal, not world cooperation toward mutual progress. Now that doesn’t mean a big totalitarian global circle jerk, nor a lapse of national sovereignties but obviously it’s time to work together in peace toward mutual progress. He’s not coming from that kind of place, only flexing American muscle to regain dominance and that is a highly delusional, ill-advised and foolish way to go. Especially when you’ve been firmly knocked on your ass and off the A List of potential full spectrum dominance.
We’re only going to survive if we cut the Machiavellian crap and become a legitimate team player. Pushing for a return to usury and empire building will only lead to self-extinction now. You can’t put pedal to the metal when you’re not even in the driver’s seat.
He doesn’t get that. He doesn’t get that the USA is no longer in a position to subjectively own the game. The game is much more complex now and much bigger than he thinks it is. He’s talking from an old neo-con Bush rhetoric.

2. Flashing lots of 666 hand signs. Way way tedious and indicative of allegiance to the very corrupt private interests he vows to be uncompromised to.

3. Stressing pro-Zionist agenda, specifically supporting Israel right or wrong – which of course would imply increasing forms of openly imperialist radical injustice and mass genocide – total no go.

4. He’s perpetuating the hoax that is ISIS and all of the various false flag ops – someone in his place absolutely MUST have the intel to know better and know the true agendas behind all of it. That means either he’s really really stupid on getting his intel or he’s part of one in the same corrupt private interests behind it all.

This guy has the willpower, sincere intent and capability to make things happen and make big progress toward rebuilding the nation,
but he’s essentially unenlightened and unable to get past his own ego. He’s too quick to move into conflict and lacks an accurate perspective of the USA’s status in the world, a new vision of enlightened governance that now critically must emerge for our collective survival, and a comprehensive ability to get the most essential intel to understand the big picture. His “my way or the highway” approach may work well in real estate venture capitalism, but it’s going to give him serious blinders that could lead to too many fatal flaws this nation can no longer afford to indulge.
And it’s quite logical to conclude that he’s likely to be conceiving
a greatly expanded and continuous war industry as the way to fund America’s infrastructure revitalization.
However, knowing that no one gets in this office who isn’t willing to submit to those who pull the strings, so no choice makes much significant difference, it might at least be entertaining seeing someone who is used to consistently getting their way take this office which is clearly expected to be a puppet role. If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if someone took office who wasn’t willing to obey the agenda, this might, if nothing else be a chance to find out. Then there’s also the unimaginative predictable possibility that he may simply be a planted vote-splitting candidate to divide and conquer conservative elements to assure the victory of Clinton who will be an equally predictable tool for the New World Order agenda. When you’ve observed enough elections you know that it’s a very tight, controlled corrupt process whose only aim is to preserve the criminal status quo.

But wait…then there’s a dark side…


Epilogue: A lot has transpired since I first wrote this. My thoughts at the moment are that not only was he initially a Clinton operative – to be so offensive as to assure a default Clinton win – but he will continue that role, staging seemingly outrageous dangerous stunts meant to provoke civil unrest and the public perception that he is an extreme and immediate threat to national security. The aim is for the public to demand his removal from office through faster means than impeachment proceedings and a state of emergency can be called. If he is removed from office in some clandestine way outside the box of standard law, that opens the door for more actions outside that box and obviously a coup to install a more totalitarian martial law based form of government which will of course eventually plug into global fascist government run by and solely for the benefit of this underlying cabal.  Unless people start getting educated on the basics of political subterfuge and begin calling them out on every step of the game.


Jade Helm Endgame in a Nutshell…

…Ok I think I’ve pieced it all together now, re: Jade Helm…Here’s what I think the endgame is…
1. The drama over military drills is a psy-op to keep public diverted from real game plan. Yes there’s an all-inclusive 3 pronged agenda for disarmament and take-over, but also a shell game of fake maneuvers and events meant to divert public attention away from a more specific intent of Agenda 21 style forced relocation in the Southwest and plans to appropriate land and land resources.
2. Real game plan is to use engineered natural disasters, false flag “attacks” and provocateured civil unrest to declare “state of emergency” + martial law, then use NDAA to permanently take land and resources for “continuity of nation and govt.”Also seems likely they could claim radiation levels in Southwest so high they must evacuate entire regions – who’s going to argue that unless they have technology to prove otherwise?
3. Relocate people temporarily to FEMA camps, then permanently to UN Agenda 21 type “mega-cities.”
4. “Extractions” would be of people in Texas + Southwest from their homes and land + guns (or so they hope).
5. Federal govt – now going totally fascist with TTP legislation -(fascist=state+corporate tyrannical control), would use land/resources for debt repayment, new currency backing + pumping up corporate welfare. 6. Do lots of psy-opping, fear-mongering and Hegelian Dialectic (HD=create the problem+solution as a means of social control) to scare sheeple public into thinking global fascist govt is their only means of survival.
7. Get control of all natural resources and monopolize them to the max possible.
8. Continue to create all forms of chaos and “divide and conquer” strategies to prevent the people from uniting in effective opposition. Convince them that a totalitarian corporate imperialist run work camp style global govt. is the only way to bail out.
9. Repay national debt and create new currency with the profits and bankers/corporations get the spoils. Potentially other national resources like pensions and savings could also be turned over for debt repayment.NDAA provisions now allow for this kind of re-allotment of national resources for “continuity of govt” and the union. Not to mention Americans are literally a form of equity for the insolvent American corporation.
10. Doesn’t have to be a war with China/Russia, they could simply pool corporate/govt resources in one global govt , one alliance. A merger of the worst of East + West – Communist totalitarian Orwellian animal farm work camp global statism + neo-con corporate fascist police state. No matter where anyone finds their self in this potential social strata, how would it result in any form of happiness?
But that’s their end game…Or so they hope. All I can say is… good luck pulling it off on Texans. Perhaps it might also give you a bit more of a clue to note that the Jade Helm logo comes from a Masonic Oddfellows triple arrow insignia which indicates a classic comprehensive three-pronged trident attack as well as the mythic pitchfork of Satan.



David Cameron Personality Disorder in a Nutshell…

nutshell photo brain_zps0ux9833s.png

Offhand, when I was cleaning out my catbox tonight, I was also spontaneously musing about the London riots and speculating on how this extreme national cognitive dissonance is likely to eclipse and erupt further in the future and why a government, specifically a Conservative Tory coalition government, is taking no heed to the red flags falling in their path. The answer that came to me first is that they are cruisin’ for a bruisin’, then to an analogy of the French Revolution, then further into considering that this is more covertly, perhaps subconsciously driven by a groupthink personality disorder among David Cameron and his cronies which I have, for purposes of this blog, labeled David Cameron Personality Disorder.

I need to first make an analogy of this situation to a quite similar yet allowably juvenile drama that I myself explored when I was about two years old. Life in upstate New York in the dead of winter can get quite monotonous and at that age, the “terrible twos” I realized that the most vivid dramatic energy arose when I made any move for the electric socket. It quickly became clear that my little tot hands reaching for that socket was the most taboo forbidden aspect of that  domestic situation and soon plastic guards were installed in all the outlets and I was given a harsh admonition that this was danger, the ultimate bogeyman. So…after living with that enigma for so long, I reached a place where I realized that I didn’t necessarily believe there was something powerful at hand that meant real consequences but if there was I had to hands-on know and experience it.  Because the entire situation had come to obsess, maybe even own me. So despite all the deeply-ingrained survival warnings, one day I found a stray house key and proceeded to make a mini Aztec step pyramid of a set of dresser drawers and then just climbed up, removed the plug guard and stuck the metal key in that electric socket. I was horrifically and immediately thrown across the room and hit the wall. I was crying and yelling “It threw me!” And lots of people went on to speculate that I was some form of sociopath, but ultimately I found satisfaction because I had broken through and experienced exactly what that power and its consequences were.

I think a very similar phenomenon, perhaps more subconsciously than consciously, is driving the Tory party. Here you have a homogenous group of people operating under one known groupthink, people who have never known anything but absolute privilege in life and who operate in a place above the law. Despite gratuitous scandals upon scandals they never face any real consequences, only continue to operate in a rather numb world of easy manipulation and perpetual gain. I think they have reached a maxing out point on this one-sided experience and are going to push their agenda to go for broke – to either attain that elusive Holy Grain of full spectrum dominance via a corporate imperialist global govt. – or keep pushing the envelope until they finally unleash some form of unknown cataclysmic fate from a power greater than the known, or at least some real and intense consequences that finally force them into a reckoning with something beyond their own powers of manipulation. They are gradually edging closer and closer to the final edge of a very real precipice which they’re not yet sure is real and which ultimately they just might be willing to take the fall from because they have exhausted their own subjective Plato’s Cave and on some level want to find those limits, those consequences, that power greater than their own, that sense of actually feeling something and being fully human. They want to finally find and experience that ultimate tempest.

The austerity issue is going to be that wild card and it appears that will be more sooner than later. First of all it’s not sustainable or even possible to successfully cut funding for people who will never be able to be self-sufficient – the disabled, handicapped, elderly, terminally ill, etc. Doing so is going to bring a profound destructive consequence. Beyond that, though it may be optimal to cut public welfare where people should be able to self-support, this nation has created a monster of a massive welfare state. To just suddenly pull the plug and throw  a nation into pure chaos can only lead to some very radical blowback.You can’t stop giving a man fish until you have successfully taught him how to fish. There has to be a transition process that is viable and really does meet the needs of the people. Add to that all the unwise foreign policy of unethical hegemonies and warmongering for profit -it’s clear to anyone with rational common sense that this is all heading toward some form of ultimate meltdown. But it seems they don’t care. It’s a mindset of ultimate power or bust. These people aren’t playing with the complete set of major and minor arcana in their deck.They want the ever elusive grail of absolute dominion – or they want to finally get some ultimate bang for the buck run for their money that is a power greater than their own which they must finally reckon with. They want that power that will free them from their prison of contrivances and finally make them REAL again. Because whatever real was it’s something only linked to very remote history and its absence means never again being fully alive. And perhaps even the most dystopian chaotic self-extinction baiting disaster possible becomes more and more appealing to those who have given up personal desires and sovereignty for a script kitty world of group hive technocratic manipulation. Because it would mean true freedom. I can’t believe they don’t know that this pulling the plug on such a large segment of a population will have big negative consequences, the only other theory I have is maybe it’s a deliberate provocation to bring on massive “civil unrest” to enable the installment of UN or EU troops and escalating encapsulation into global government – or so they hope.

It’s a blind, infantile push of the envelope on the most primordial level by in some ways primitive beings who will never understand fire unless they can feel it, even if that means getting burned. Because they’ve never felt the heat. So in the meantime they have begun to gamble because until that primal quest is satisfied… some like it hot.

Pure Unadulterated Bullshit Porch Mason of the Week…

Click this link for video.:–E0

absolut bullshit

This one is purely for shits and giggles…Here’s the deal – he’s a former MK-ULTRA mind-controlled bionic super-assassin – Really? Would you actually fear an encounter with this guy in a dark alley? And could he actually fight his way out of the proverbial paper bag?
And better yet, she was a Project Monarch mind-controlled porn star from FDR’s super-secret snuff film industry – which led me to ask the question –
Did you know that a snuff film star actually dies in the film?
So how did she do it? Reincarnate and return as a walk-in for each starring role? And of course they have products to sell –
magic water – for about $30-$175 a bottle – and an energy ascension kit which consists of scrap metal shards in a plastic box – who knows
the price – probably at least a few hundred or more.
Anyone who sends these people money deserves really anything they get. Wow…

Tories Courting Self-Extinction…

(Dodo bird, proposed new Tory mascot)

Here it is in a nutshell, my personal 2 cents on future prospects of
the Tory party and current trends indicating a mission for self-extinction…

I’m coming to the conclusion that the Tory party is battling a hidden unconscious death wish. The only way I can make any sense
of these crazy happenings at all is to get Jungian. That this party entirely lacks direction so is biting off its own tail in hopes of alchemically putrefying into rebirth as an ultimately superior life form.
Or else they’re just simply nuts. Between the Cameron administration’s scandals du jour and a growing yet entirely unconstructive and directionless opposition, then add to that
a growing disconnect and alienation from the average electorate base, it’s clear this ship is sinking fast. Then just when you
think it can’t get any weirder, somebody comes up with the idea
of chainsaw bravado and mafia threats. What in the hell is going
on? Has David Lynch been taken on as a new political advisor?
Seriously this is just way gone nuts and it will only come across as such to the voting public.
In my own humble personal opinion, the only valid and doable means to an effective intra-party opposition would be one stemming from
real concern about the destructive potential of the European Union and a growing conviction that the Cameron administration is not going to effectively either achieve meaningful reform or take a stand for opposition and facilitate the referendum and exit.
The opposition would logically organize around a well-orchestrated push to perhaps make one final comprehensive attempt at re-negotiation
with a thorough list of points of contention that must bring amendment, or else an unyielding exit strategy. It would have a good solid PR public outreach approach that would effectively personalize the Tories in a way that has never been successfully done and make an competent communication to the public with the truth of the impending destabilizing and destructive outcomes to be expected if no one acts. And that would be the central rallying point to gain massive public support and a resurgence of party popularity. There would be an alternate leader for this purpose and consideration of pacts where and when they can
achieve these ends and prevent a vote-splitting election that assures a Labour victory. In current political conditions,
Euroscepticism is the only wave you are going to effectively surf to regain power and the single most important issue on which the
future well-being of Britain depends. My personal common sense
advice is that unless you organize professionally non-criminally +non-violently around this most urgent crisis and make a sincere
connection with the voting public, this party is going nowhere
but South. The public isn’t interested in anyone’s ego dramas
or career prospects, they desperately need to restore trust –
if that’s even at all possible – with a professional political machine that is working for their best interests and determined
to restore self-sovereignty and national economic, legislative
and military powers back to the nation. If there isn’t a much
more effective means of communication and professional organization to get specific national recovery results, this
party will continue to alienate itself from the people who increasingly see it as entirely corrupt and self-serving and
scatter your intentions and forces in an impotent self-undermining
chaos that will consistently advance toward this party’s absolute ruin. Hope that helps… :- )

Boris Johnson’s Complete and Utter Gobshite “Euroscepticism”

My first and most obvious observation of Boris Johnson’s so-called cutting edge Eurosceptic confrontation speech is that it was missing the two most essential ingredients: 1.a concise but thorough explanation of the real dangers to the future well-being and survival of Britain posed by the institutionalized corruption of the EU and 2.A brief but clear definition of his proposed eight key points for reform. Since it contained neither of those most critical subjects, and since he’s seemingly only taking a vaguely Eurosceptic pose for his own political benefit, he would have done far better
publicity and spin-wise to instead announce that his 12th cousin twice removed descendant of Vlad the Impaler was the real killer of Jim Morrison and Marianne Faithful is a liar – then go on to a three martini lunch – and bigger and better headlines.

I have to think that the reason most politicians refuse to rock the boat on the impending dangers of the EU is a weak form of self-preservation – they want to stay politically afloat by showing some display of Euroscepticism but at the same time hope to keep their options open in the event that they might also benefit from future EU career options and perks no matter what form it takes and what societal consequences. And then just the usual posh boy syndrome- the remarkable but true way that the Eton tradition tends to produce brilliantly intelligent candidates with an stunning lack of street smarts and survival sense and a profound disconnect from causal consensus reality. What clearly needs to happen is Eton adopting a sort of “semester at sea” program where students would spend some time stripped of their comforts and functioning in a real capacity in locations like perhaps a Turkish prison, Gaza, Bangladesh, Harlem or the San Quentin maximum security prison. Because then they would graduate with a fully complete education on real consequences in the real world they will most likely one day be governing or managing. They would have a basic sense of cause and effect and the real human impact of one’s actions. In the case of the EU
crisis, I’m not sure if they’re just essentially unable to grasp the reality of the dark side of politics and its vivid and profound consequences, or if they simply don’t care as long as
they personally come out on the profitable side of things.
Whatever the case, the result is that the essential most critical issues on the EU debate continue to be completely unaddressed at a nation’s future peril.

Although I’ve ranted about it ad nauseum here, I will once again
but as concisely as possible try to elaborate some of the basics here, and they are:

1.EU’s obvious plan to break the UK economically with brutal and
excessive taxation and environmental fines and dubious so-called humanitarian “redistribution of wealth” schemes which primarily involve key members shelling out massive sums to be re-appropriated to so-called humanitarian projects which largely only benefit the big bureaucracy. This economic toll continues to escalate as bureaucrats run amok in a clearly deliberate scheme to dis-empower the nation and break down national sovereignty.

2.The continuing and eventually total loss of members’ Parliamentary powers in submission to rule by a centralized EU bureaucracy. Approximately 75% of Britain’s laws now derive from
the EU – eventually it may well be 100%.

3.The real nature of the EU bureaucracy – increasingly less democratic, increasingly more a secret society type shadow government most certainly conducting behind-the-scenes covert dealings to serve its own agendas and the way it can easily manipulate weak members to unquestionably conform to those agendas and the way it will increasingly pander to big corporate self interest at public detriment and the way this emerging rubber stamp bureaucracy with its own agendas can easily stack the legislative deck against a non-compliant member with unfathomable consequences.

4.Juncker’s immediate plans for a centralized European army and an ongoing reduction of member nations’ military capabilities.
I can’t in any way fathom how that doesn’t alarm anyone, consenting to give away your military powers to increasingly totalitarian undemocratic body that is also dissolving your national sovereignty.

5.The very clear agenda of this bureaucracy to offer memberships to lesser-developed nations in crisis which it can offer aid to in the form of long-term debt slavery and corporate usury schemes and exploiting their vulnerability and growing dependency for compliance with the shadow bureaucracy’s self-serving agendas
which would also include serving as military support.

6.The very unmistakeable EU attempt to destabilize nations and destroy national sovereignty with uncontrolled immigration and
making member nations foot the bill for it.

These are just a few short examples. I could extrapolate a lot further but am trying to keep it brief. My point is that anyone claiming to be Eurosceptic who is not verbalizing these extreme
dangers to the nation’s – or any nation’s future and making a
direct effort to organize a tangible and effective confrontation of this feral bureaucracy’s viral and cancerous power grab is simply blowing hot air and not a part of a real
solution. I think that most politicians either basically don’t grasp the dangers of what is now a real threat to national sovereignty and survival – or are just giving lip service, hoping to stay safely on the fence and benefit politically with Eurosceptic posturing while at the same time keep options open for future personal EU perks and career options no matter what the consequences will be to the world at large.

July 26: Lightbearer’s Lunar Leo Solar Arc Vortex…


Judging by the success of the previous moon circle, which didn’t seem to react much initially – I personally started with only two
sort of token dreams – but then later within the first 24 hours it delivered some crazy unexpected big kicks + I decided to continue to
put it out there for whoever wants to continue the experiment.
Basically the agreement is that Lucifer the Lightbringer, who I
need not remind you is NOT Satan and NOT demonic but in fact a
spirit messenger assisting your access, assimilation and creative
innovation in More and Further Light agrees to utilize the designated image through the medium of Twitter and your own variegated planes of consciousness to impart to you further insight to the exaltation, expansion and expression of the higher creative powers and greater realization of your core self. It’s a kind of
public service announcement encouraging this world to move away from the predator/prey social model and all forms of negative energy which may appear to be initially self-serving but which will only serve to entrap and debilitate you. The aim is to assist in the awakening of humanity beyond traditional petty power and ego games
to realize the much greater and in fact infinite powers of being and creation that lie within reach for you to realize when you abandon
the functions of the lower primitive self and begin to step beyond the threshold of previous worldly limitations into the event horizon
of infinite creative power, being and experience that are the core
of a return to your personal and collective immortality. This
experiment involves the specific interface with the psychopomp that is the Lightbearer on this cyclic day to speak to you personally messages of your own higher future potentials, self,
true will and innovative powers to begin to raise this world
to its rightful place in the realms of the gods. If we are to
save this world and stimulate new evolution and rebirth, we must
be willing to give up the toxic and very limiting agendas that are
only leading to a massive collective self-extinction. The purpose
of this experiment is a controlled interface that can only open to
you these more exalted planes and assure a positive experience and
eliminate the negative fallout that can happen for newer practitioners (known as psychonauts) when they approach the infinite in an unguided random way, just simply taking any and all
phenomena in like an open sponge. This experiment is sanctioned
by the Lightbearer and promises to provide to you very personalized illuminating insight if you are open to whatever ways
it may be shown to you through the synchronicity. If you use the
image provided here with a good intent it is certain not to disappoint. And of course you are free to send any comments on your own personal results.
The directions are simple. Print this image and either burn, bury
or sleep with it under your pillow on the night of the new moon,
setting in your subconscious that you are open to receive the
communication. Then leave it to destiny…

Spirit Message from Bob Crow…


“We all started out as dreamers in search of a great utopia.
But somewhere along the road each and every one of us
drank from the cup of terrible. Now is the time for my brethren
to exercise the greatest love, tolerance and forgiveness and
begin to work together not only to save this world but to
elevate her to her original intended glory.”

My Personal 2 Cents Re: Parliament EU Discussion

Ok, I’m going to try to be concise and not indulge lots of needless psychobabble on this matter, so here goes…
I watched the whole damn thing and am now thoroughly convinced that
the PM is being totally honest and not hiding any particular
subterfuge. However…in my personal opinion I’m still seeing an
issue with the cognitive dissonance of an essential naivete and
inability to see negative aspects in a situation. He’s totally
right that the best thing to do was to take a stand and oppose
the nomination of Juncker and uphold protocols and principles,
and to adhere to task and not give up on important goals.
All that is well and good and was quite exemplary, however…
there’s another side to this thing and that is the nature of
a corrupt EU leadership with its own covert agenda and a majority
of lame duck members willing to either support it or just not rock the boat and accept it. And that majority negative
agenda will soon be facilitated by an unethical radicalized
federalist president. So there’s going to be this momentum of
negative proactive legislation that could move against the
need for reform and in fact further into the insidious ever closer union continuing a solid momentum of robbing Britain of
its power and sovereignty. Eton must be a lot like the American
boy scouts where you learn values like that not giving up the ship
and just simply reaching out to others in good will and reason
will always make everything turn out okay. Cameron firmly believes
that what he has to do here is have good will toward others and
hold out the higher ground of good reason and eventually everybody
will see the light. That’s not what’s going to happen here.
There is a powerful pro-federalist even pro-totalitarian power
bloc exercizing majority control and its intent is to bulldoze
its objectives through by any means necessary.And those objectives
are to rapidly take as much powers from member nations as possible
and give them over to a not entirely democratic and clearly backward not forward thinking group of tired bureaucrats whose
main intent is not progress for Europe but a self-serving power
grab. At this point, simply standing one’s ground, not leaving
the fight, and holding out reason may not be enough. If this
bloc is going to spit in the face of that reason and continue to
organize a legislative coup against you – you need to start doing
the math. How effective can you be at getting reforms vs. how
fast will the momentum of their organized power play be to take
your nation’s sovereignty? Which side of this tug of war is
going to get more momentum and eventually win? I don’t claim to
be an expert on inner EU political trends, so I’d defer that
answer to lots of other minds besides mine. But this still remains
an important question. Somebody has to figure out that math.
Even if there is a possibility that the vote was not a true
expression of members’ opinions on the federalist issue, it still
shows a weak membership body that is not proactive or independent
thinking and is easily manipulated by the corrupt power brokers
that dominate this organization. If that legislative majority
holds firm, it will not matter anything at all how hard you
fight, how long you stay the duration or how much solid reason
and good will you try to communicate to others, you are in the
losing minority and your ship is going to sink. That’s all I’m trying to express here. That no matter how solid your reasoning,
how dynamic your problem-solving, how good your intentions or
how great your future vision, if you have a majority of corrupt,
primitive Machiavellian majority and a passive membership it
dominates ready to vote against you, you lose. And if you lose
and the federalist agenda takes bigger and bigger strides of
a legislative momentum of taking your power – taking over your
Parliament, your military and police, your economy and taxation
and more – you could end up in a position of powerlessness with
no further exit strategy. Does the union value Britain’s
economic capabilities enough that it’s going to bend and agree
to special accommodations of limited membership rules for the UK –
or is this big majority vote for a proven corrupt federalist
a sign of the shapes of things to come and a warning to seriously
think about getting out if you really have no voting leverage?
A good captain never abandons ship, but when all passengers
have left on lifeboats and the hull is underwater, a smart captain
knows this is time to abandon ship. Bottom line: can the EU be reconstructed successfully or are you now re-arranging deck chairs
on the Titanic?