Out of the blue this morning, I woke to find myself having this very strange totally unexpected dream about the death of late Iraqi London based architect Zaha Hadid. This was not anything that had been remotely on my mind in any way, purely a random phenomenon,
but my personal history with these types of experiences is usually extremely accurate so I went further online trying to vet it all out. What made me decide to at least publish this to blog was the main gist of my vision hit dead on with what I later learned to be her place of death, a hospital in Miami. My dream showed me that she died by a lethal injection to the left carotid artery – that’s the one in the neck, right? And that a male unidentified to her caught her off guard and it happened too fast for her to react sufficiently. My dream emphasized that this was deliberate murder and in fact at the hands of people she knew or knew peripherally. She did not know the man who did it, my dream emphasized her being cornered, caught unawares and certainly not accustomed as some of us are to unexpected visitors requiring the potential fielding of hand-to-hand combat.
When I put the pieces together with the actual hospital scene, clearly it was an operative posing as a doctor who she did not know or recognize and was wary of intuitively but too groggy and taken off guard to react enough – and likely had some part of herself telling her to chill out it was probably a legitimate medical treatment, being in the hospital and all…But it wasn’t. She was killed. It was premeditated and at the hands of people she would never suspect to be her enemies. It could be an injection as we now see so much emphasis from those doing the covering up that it was a respiratory infection and it’s so so common for that to result in heart attack and “abnormalities to veins and arteries.” Much like a lethal injection or maybe microwave weapon does – and then looks remarkably like natural causes. Obviously I’m no forensic expert but I do know of the existence of hand-held microwave weapons that stop the heart and are undetectable by autopsy – they appear as a natural heart attack – and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how if it was an injection this could be easily passed off among her usual treatments in-hospital also requiring injections. I would also speculate that she might have first been poisoned at a dinner party where something was slipped in her food to trigger her asthma and promote respiratory problems but it didn’t succeed in killing her so another more direct attempt was made. I’d also speculate that maybe she had been slipped something like foxglove, a plant that can be both medicinal and poisonous containing the medication digitalis which could have easily began to attack her heart and respiratory sytem.foxglove
Reference on the toxicity of foxglove:

First of all I will preface this by saying that any ideas ascribed to her by me are purely my own psychic impressions and not necessarily an endorsement by her. On some level, however I do think she wants to get this through so I’m giving it a go and making an effort to the best of my ability to get the details right. This whole thing just sort of fell from the sky at me and seemed like a total lark to investigate but the more I did so, the clearer it seemed to be and the more real it became and the more sure I felt about it. I think she was reluctant to make contact with me but could make no other effective connection at this time and decided to test me first. When I was able to start with the basic details and she was sure it would not be skewed or exploited or misinterpreted then suddenly it just seemed to crystallize. Like she doesn’t trust anyone until she can trust them absolutely then if so she is a friend for life.I would say that her closest friends will also eventually receive her communications when they are open to it.
First and foremost, I think the main reason for her being eliminated was she was ultimately going to blow the whistle on what appears to be yet another multi-tiered Middle East resources and land take-over plot I would guess involved Mossad, US, UK + Saudi Arabia (Who else would you think – Tasmania?) And she knew too much, probably initially due to her getting contracts for buildings involving security and intelligence and various operatives and her eventually putting together the clues. I think she felt a deep obligation to further investigate or at least inform on this as it potentially involved her own homeland. I think she came to find out increasingly more information about these potential future operations and who was involved and even details about art and other artifacts being stolen from the Middle East and made to look like the covert operation “ISIS” did it. She was not looking to play James Bond and not at all comfortable in this ouvre but increasingly feeling a need to involve others who might help. On the other hand, she had also gotten herself deeply involved in big business with the types of oligarchs and mob syndicates who were backers and in many ways was not in control and could be in peril for crossing them. She got into this young and eager to advance her work and had no profound understanding of what she was involving herself in – until it was too late – and then she had to play by their rules. Then they ended up connecting her to her own destruction. I also saw that after she died there were operatives wearing all black who went to her residences and office and gallery, etc. to try to recover intel and any evidence of what she might have known and who her associates were. I distinctly saw this tall man in all black with spiky black hair, shades, leather jacket and boots with slightly bowed long legs doing this distinct lope up the steps of what I think was her office, posing as a deliverer. Also I think possibly she wanted more money and someone didn’t want to give it to her. I would speculate that maybe there could have been potential legal action around some of this that various parties wanted to eliminate.

I believe she was quickly intercepted in death by her mother to a safe and sound station or dimension in the afterlife where others of her past family also exist. Her mother wanted her to return to them to be safe and removed from what she considered evil and corruptive influences and even before her death was in some way calling her back. Because once you ally with these sorts of elements there is no breaking free except in death. Her family is at peace but she is not. She is angry and being an individual very much involved in the occult arts, determined to get her fair vengeance on those she knows
were involved. What I perceive of her is she can be sweet and a very shy sensitive soul and very kind to those close to her, but equally so someone you don’t want to cross.And she was often in a position of having to be very careful of who to trust. At an earlier time when she was young she even, for a time, entertained the idea of being an actor or performer but she was also unusually good at math for a girl at that time and it was an older lover, possibly a Greek or Roman type of man?, who saw her potential and taught her himself. He was also part of this group of souls of hers that began in ancient Greece. Her mother originally protested what seemed to be a radical life her daughter was pursuing but decided to support her fulfilling her dreams.

Also a major factor is that her life moved just too fast ahead and overwhelmed her but she felt she had to either keep pace or fail. Creatively she had the world at her fingertips, personally in other ways her life wasn’t her own. It all just suddenly sped ahead of the game and she had to either be game or drop out. She certainly didn’t get to control all the variables.
As it stands she will move on to the afterlife with her loved ones but not before she gets her revenge. Those who this involves know who they are. Lastly I think she is saying that she had a younger male lover who was a secret and also some form of apprentice who knows who he is and who she wants to communicate spiritually with if he’s open and certainly he’s well able to do so. He knows who he is. Perhaps they might even collaborate together in new architecture, her now being his muse from the cosmic plane.

Ultimately she aims to recover something essential to her higher mind/spirit there then reincarnate to be creative again from this new equilibrium and potential free entirely of the negative elements that had been her obstacles. It seems she will eventually return as a young girl prodigy born to young parents who is given scholarships and opportunities from those who can facilitate her creativity in a much more enlightened way. She does feel frustrated at having even more vision and potential now from the other more cosmic side yet can’t be here right now to express it but she is also optimistic that she now clearly sees her highest path ahead of her and that it is attainable. As this progression moves forward, she seems to be moving beyond her anger and becoming more optimistic at seeing the potentials of her highest path.She had past lives in ancient Greece that were the first biggest spark of her talents but encountered similar obstacles that she is now coming to understand how she can finally transcend. Zaha and her mother began in ancient Greece and seem to have a close twins-like relationship most uncannily compared to that of Persephone/Demeter.

I didn’t know her personally yet later after beginning this vision recalled I actually did have one fleeting interaction with her once online. She was getting a lot of flack from some elements of the public that a stadium she designed looked too much like a vagina.
Of course this was a lot of sour grapes by envious people doing their usual smear attacks on others, but she was upset about it.
So she participated in some sort of charity event where she designed a Christmas ornament, maybe hoping to demonstrate some creative versatility and get stupid peoples’ minds off this really inane controversy. I just happened to see it and not in any mean-spirited way and certainly meaning no ill will, I just off the cuff reacted that in fact it looks even MORE like a vagina and pointed out that is specifically has lips and even what could well pass for a clitoris and maybe it was green because of a yeast infection – or some such silliness. I mean, you could look at it in one quick sweeping way and maybe see it as a modernist abstract of an evergreen or lantern or something like that, but if you noticed the vantage point from the hole in the center, well…I didn’t mean this at all critically, just factually, like a passing observation and obviously didn’t think anyone of her scope would react anymore than to brush it off. So basically it was a moment of her thinking I’m a major asshole but then a double-take like “Oh shit!” I was right and she was seeking solace from exasperated young design firm assistants who were reassuring her of her innovativeness. So…well…Zaha if I pissed you off on that bad hair day long ago maybe this is my way of making it up to you, whatever it’s all worth.

Actually from my vision I think her circular hole imagery was more like unconsciously seeking a portal, a new doorway or path to a higher dimension where she could recover all of her highest essence and in all ways extricate herself from those negative elements she had inadvertently been compromised with.
As many do, I certainly wish her happy trails.

(Below is the ornament by the way – form your own judgement.)