MUST READ PDF: exact copy of a 1942 Third Reich publication envisioning the EU – then known as the EEC (European Economic Committee) as the means toward a colonial non-democratic European
superstate under German dominion. The document is called
Europaische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft.
Read it here:

Some examples of topics outlined in this document:
*Strategy to gradually strip member states of their sovereignty
incorporating them as colonies in a centralized totalitarian
eventually global superstate.

*Discussion of the New World Order and plans to collapse the global economy by design and eliminate capitalism and the free market for a German-controlled neo-feudalist colonial superstate.

* Expediting centralized government,courts, intelligence and military
to effectively gain control.

And more…read for yourself in the link above. Putting the pieces together doesn’t require a background in rocket science to conclude that the so-called European think tank is one in the same as the Nazi playbook.