Just a quick note here…I don’t mean this in any type of sensationalist attention-seeking way, just matter-of-fact observation…but when I fell asleep earlier today and was in an altered state, obviously somewhere on the astral plane, I unintentionally had a quick fleeting sighting of David Bowie.
Here it is…
I was in my own dream of some kind and making my way back to my life and just happened to walk across this very large nightclub. I was far in the back and had no reason to try to cut through the large crowd and try to make contact, I just observed the scene like “okay that’s cool…” Bowie was bar tending at this very large neon bar and just joking around with other people working behind the bar. It was a really glitzy overblown but fun environment and apparently somewhere that was like a holding zone for him as he hopes to reincarnate but it’s not his time to do so. He appeared about 36 and as he planned to in a future life which was very similar but a much bigger guy. He was like 6’2-6’4″ tall and bigger but still very limber like a dancer. His hair was this sort of neon strawberry blonde, but otherwise very much the same. He was wearing a black leather jacket and these sort of Aladdin type pants. He was mixing drinks and joking around with people and that was it, I just walked past and happened to observe it. But it was very vivid and real, when
you get these things you just feel this intuitive “knowing.”
But it wasn’t a big deal. One other observation was that he seemed really happy and glad that he broke free from some mafia-like element that was putting the lean on him in business for a very long time and destroying him – had to be why he got sick. So the main message I got from this scene was he was trying to return to a younger more innocent time where he was happy and more creative and was determined not to lose that again. Like he didn’t care anymore about big money or fame – wasn’t going to pay that kind of price again. And he likes to mingle with many different kinds of people – it’s where he gets a lot of inspiration. Also, in afterthought I get the impression that he left some kind of video explaining and naming the corrupt parties he had to free himself from but this was not given to his wife or family for their safety and they most likely don’t know about it at all but to a trusted handler and it maybe released at some later time when it’s safe for his loved ones. Whoever has it is someone not known to be associated with him at all, not even known to be a friend, and so it will never be found.I think the reason he grew increasingly more ill was the more he became aware of the evil organization that was his patron who he had to comply with, the more he could not be part of it and because he was so trapped in this life by this secret society, his life began to pull away from this dimension and go to another where he could be free and recreate himself and be creative again and where he would no longer be endangering his wife and family who he expects will at a later time reconnect with him in this new dimension. I now get a message that he is referring to the music biz as “a very glamorous slaughterhouse” – in other words, the artists are exploited and destroyed for others profits and in fact become its victims, that they “are consumed then slaughtered like livestock, no difference except for the costumes.” And that he felt he had no choice but to leave for the safety of the people close to him. Now I see he also has a lot of rage about this. Clearly he was being coerced, threatened and blackmailed but fortunately is now free. I think I understand how this communication happened. When I saw the Darkstar videos I was thinking that for sure it’s admirable that someone could do a really involved record from their deathbed at an old age, but that I found it really creepy and lame – just more Illuminati demonic pseudo-half-ass-occult wanna-be and surely he’d know better. Now I do believe the whole thing was coerced from him. Maybe he picked up my thoughts in the collective unconscious – or superconscious – or whatever – and wanted to comment somewhere to the public on his deeper thoughts and feelings. Of course I only present this as my interpretation, something I perceived – but anyone who knows me knows I’m no slacker in getting things like this right on the money. All I can say is… take it as you will, make your own judgement on it. But I feel very sure in saying he doesn’t endorse or affiliate himself with the dark side. I think he complied to be sure no one hurt his wife or family after his passing.
I also saw one of my dead cats but skipped that here as it may be a lot less interesting.

Later note: I think I figured out why he was shown bartending –
it meant he had totally overcome alcoholism and drug addiction –
he could be there in that setting now because it had absolutely no more hold on him.

Even later note: As I said my dream was just a very quick observational dream, describing an overview of the situation, not specifically a direct communication. I’m now wondering if the “dimension” shown could have been still in THIS life, like did he fake his death and do so to get out of his contracts with these people, like maybe an agreement where they’d let him out of his contract or further engagements if he’d pull this kind of stunt which would be far more profitable plus increase other sales from a public now nostalgic and emotional. And could his altered appearance in my dream have symbolized identity change? And that he still did it to be rid of anymore business obligations with these people and to keep his family safe – and after his actual death more would be revealed? Could that be why my dream showed him waiting for his loved ones to join him? Not necessarily in the afterlife but in a remote location still here? Could his thoughts described in my dream be true and the very same reasons he would have faked a death – to get out of it all and protect the people closest to him, making a deal they’d profit from immensely so agreed to let him out as he had become “worth more dead than alive?” For all we know he could continue to produce other music they could release calling it archives. Or maybe he just wanted out. I’m less sure on this one – really it was just a quick fleeting dream of symbolism, not a direct communication.