Just a short reference taking a look at “Sam Cam”‘s peculiar
vacation body language, which to my first guess had to be some sort of obscure Masonic gesture I’d never seen before – as is often the norm in such public displays, but upon further research online I discovered it to unanimously from all sources be classic body language for lying, or rather subconsciously shielding oneself from the blowback resulting from lying. Gosh I can’t imagine how that would come into play in a Cameron drama! Here’s a typical example

4. The Ear Grab

When we’re children and our parents are having a go at us, we probably put our hands over our ears in attempt to stop hearing what our parents were saying. This is very similar to that. When adults lie, they may tug on their ear a little in an attempt to stop themselves from hearing the lie that they are telling.


Just a bit of cheap armchair quasi-psychology.Hope you’ve enjoyed it.