I’ll try to make this as concise as possible…I’ve got a strange unexplained phenomenon to report. I didn’t even get to my usual Obama state of the union rant because I was pre-occupied with what had just happened. … My friend and I had just returned from grocery shopping and had pulled up and I was about to get out and bring in the bags when we saw this very big guy wearing all black – including black eskimo jacket and boots – appear and go to the side of the front porch. I assumed this must be a new tenant from a basement apartment coming out to get better cell phone reception and decided to wait till he left because we have a thief or thieves in this building – leave anything unattended for a minute or two and it will most likely be gone. We waited a few but he never left so I gave up and was thinking on how to relay them all at once in plain sight – when I looked and…no one was there at all. What we had seen was very definitely a live person – absolutely tangible and carnal – not a ghost, vision or even remote acid flashback. It was a big eskimo clad guy and we both saw the same thing. There is a large very visible front door that creaks loudly – our eyes were watching the whole time – had he gone in, we’d have seen and heard it. And the front yard was white snow – if he moved anywhere in proximity in any direction we’d have seen it. He never left then was simply not there at all. We’re both sitting there like “WTF?”…There was no rational explanation for what happened. Like, was this some sort of human yeti time traveler? I doubt it. Some sort of ninja operative or sniper using hi-tech invisibility technology? I doubt that too.
I don’t even think that’s been perfected yet. And I know that we were both entirely of sound mind and not hallucinating. There is just no solid explanation. Damn…I hate when that happens!