Tonight I just so happened to catch the Donald Trump presidential announcement speech via YouTube and decided to comment on it because I had the strangest positive/negative bipolar reaction to it. Usually with most candidates I can easily see through the crap and write the vast majority of them off rather quickly.
However, in this case I felt like I was playing some weird form of mental/psychological tennis, going back and forth between thinking
“Yeah, I’ve been saying these exact same things!” and an equal sneaking suspicion this guy could also be about 50% scumbag.
So I’ll just sum up here my personal 2 cents of positive/negative reactions, for whoever is bored enough to peruse them. Here goes..

1. He seems to be sincere about wanting to resuscitate America and
giving a solid honest bottom line of totally solid but politically incorrect truths – America – we eat our own, nobody’s at the wheel, this nation’s being run into the ground by treasonous insiders,
most of our political personnel are stupid, incompetent and bought and paid for. If we don’t turn this ship around really damn soon, we’re going down. Excellent!

2. Firmly opposes the flagrantly fascist corporate imperialist TTIP. That gives him some leverage for having integrity and intending to act in the public interest, he’s acknowledging the corrupt intent behind it and going against the global establishment trend. Great.

3. Seems sincere in wanting the best for the nation. More so than so many of them. And clearly he does have the motivation, drive and economic know-how to deliver what he promises in reconstructing and revitalizing this infrastructure. It’s clear this guy doesn’t mess around and is totally driven to make things happen. He resonates that, like he’s not controlled by private interests and really will roll up his sleeves and have at it.

4.He clearly seems to favor an absolute return to Constitutionalism. More points scored there, even including being pro second amendment. He’s not a gun grabber. Way to go bro. So this assertion of return to Constitution also puts him out of the totalitarian globalist loop.

1. Too much dogmatic neo-con talk. Delusional belief in American superiority and right to any form of predatory behavior as long as it’s directed abroad. Like the resurgence of America must happen at any cost to everyone else, and he’s very quick to talk nukes and war – add to that an obvious tie to military industrial self-interest.
He’s too set in getting his own way only, making a fast show of power and taking action to get his way at any cost. This isn’t someone who should be making decisions about military involvements.
Sees American superiority as the goal, not world cooperation toward mutual progress. Now that doesn’t mean a big totalitarian global circle jerk, nor a lapse of national sovereignties but obviously it’s time to work together in peace toward mutual progress. He’s not coming from that kind of place, only flexing American muscle to regain dominance and that is a highly delusional, ill-advised and foolish way to go. Especially when you’ve been firmly knocked on your ass and off the A List of potential full spectrum dominance.
We’re only going to survive if we cut the Machiavellian crap and become a legitimate team player. Pushing for a return to usury and empire building will only lead to self-extinction now. You can’t put pedal to the metal when you’re not even in the driver’s seat.
He doesn’t get that. He doesn’t get that the USA is no longer in a position to subjectively own the game. The game is much more complex now and much bigger than he thinks it is. He’s talking from an old neo-con Bush rhetoric.

2. Flashing lots of 666 hand signs. Way way tedious and indicative of allegiance to the very corrupt private interests he vows to be uncompromised to.

3. Stressing pro-Zionist agenda, specifically supporting Israel right or wrong – which of course would imply increasing forms of openly imperialist radical injustice and mass genocide – total no go.

4. He’s perpetuating the hoax that is ISIS and all of the various false flag ops – someone in his place absolutely MUST have the intel to know better and know the true agendas behind all of it. That means either he’s really really stupid on getting his intel or he’s part of one in the same corrupt private interests behind it all.

This guy has the willpower, sincere intent and capability to make things happen and make big progress toward rebuilding the nation,
but he’s essentially unenlightened and unable to get past his own ego. He’s too quick to move into conflict and lacks an accurate perspective of the USA’s status in the world, a new vision of enlightened governance that now critically must emerge for our collective survival, and a comprehensive ability to get the most essential intel to understand the big picture. His “my way or the highway” approach may work well in real estate venture capitalism, but it’s going to give him serious blinders that could lead to too many fatal flaws this nation can no longer afford to indulge.
And it’s quite logical to conclude that he’s likely to be conceiving
a greatly expanded and continuous war industry as the way to fund America’s infrastructure revitalization.
However, knowing that no one gets in this office who isn’t willing to submit to those who pull the strings, so no choice makes much significant difference, it might at least be entertaining seeing someone who is used to consistently getting their way take this office which is clearly expected to be a puppet role. If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if someone took office who wasn’t willing to obey the agenda, this might, if nothing else be a chance to find out. Then there’s also the unimaginative predictable possibility that he may simply be a planted vote-splitting candidate to divide and conquer conservative elements to assure the victory of Clinton who will be an equally predictable tool for the New World Order agenda. When you’ve observed enough elections you know that it’s a very tight, controlled corrupt process whose only aim is to preserve the criminal status quo.

But wait…then there’s a dark side…


Epilogue: A lot has transpired since I first wrote this. My thoughts at the moment are that not only was he initially a Clinton operative – to be so offensive as to assure a default Clinton win – but he will continue that role, staging seemingly outrageous dangerous stunts meant to provoke civil unrest and the public perception that he is an extreme and immediate threat to national security. The aim is for the public to demand his removal from office through faster means than impeachment proceedings and a state of emergency can be called. If he is removed from office in some clandestine way outside the box of standard law, that opens the door for more actions outside that box and obviously a coup to install a more totalitarian martial law based form of government which will of course eventually plug into global fascist government run by and solely for the benefit of this underlying cabal.  Unless people start getting educated on the basics of political subterfuge and begin calling them out on every step of the game.