…Ok I think I’ve pieced it all together now, re: Jade Helm…Here’s what I think the endgame is…
1. The drama over military drills is a psy-op to keep public diverted from real game plan. Yes there’s an all-inclusive 3 pronged agenda for disarmament and take-over, but also a shell game of fake maneuvers and events meant to divert public attention away from a more specific intent of Agenda 21 style forced relocation in the Southwest and plans to appropriate land and land resources.
2. Real game plan is to use engineered natural disasters, false flag “attacks” and provocateured civil unrest to declare “state of emergency” + martial law, then use NDAA to permanently take land and resources for “continuity of nation and govt.”Also seems likely they could claim radiation levels in Southwest so high they must evacuate entire regions – who’s going to argue that unless they have technology to prove otherwise?
3. Relocate people temporarily to FEMA camps, then permanently to UN Agenda 21 type “mega-cities.”
4. “Extractions” would be of people in Texas + Southwest from their homes and land + guns (or so they hope).
5. Federal govt – now going totally fascist with TTP legislation -(fascist=state+corporate tyrannical control), would use land/resources for debt repayment, new currency backing + pumping up corporate welfare. 6. Do lots of psy-opping, fear-mongering and Hegelian Dialectic (HD=create the problem+solution as a means of social control) to scare sheeple public into thinking global fascist govt is their only means of survival.
7. Get control of all natural resources and monopolize them to the max possible.
8. Continue to create all forms of chaos and “divide and conquer” strategies to prevent the people from uniting in effective opposition. Convince them that a totalitarian corporate imperialist run work camp style global govt. is the only way to bail out.
9. Repay national debt and create new currency with the profits and bankers/corporations get the spoils. Potentially other national resources like pensions and savings could also be turned over for debt repayment.NDAA provisions now allow for this kind of re-allotment of national resources for “continuity of govt” and the union. Not to mention Americans are literally a form of equity for the insolvent American corporation.
10. Doesn’t have to be a war with China/Russia, they could simply pool corporate/govt resources in one global govt , one alliance. A merger of the worst of East + West – Communist totalitarian Orwellian animal farm work camp global statism + neo-con corporate fascist police state. No matter where anyone finds their self in this potential social strata, how would it result in any form of happiness?
But that’s their end game…Or so they hope. All I can say is… good luck pulling it off on Texans. Perhaps it might also give you a bit more of a clue to note that the Jade Helm logo comes from a Masonic Oddfellows triple arrow insignia which indicates a classic comprehensive three-pronged trident attack as well as the mythic pitchfork of Satan.