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Offhand, when I was cleaning out my catbox tonight, I was also spontaneously musing about the London riots and speculating on how this extreme national cognitive dissonance is likely to eclipse and erupt further in the future and why a government, specifically a Conservative Tory coalition government, is taking no heed to the red flags falling in their path. The answer that came to me first is that they are cruisin’ for a bruisin’, then to an analogy of the French Revolution, then further into considering that this is more covertly, perhaps subconsciously driven by a groupthink personality disorder among David Cameron and his cronies which I have, for purposes of this blog, labeled David Cameron Personality Disorder.

I need to first make an analogy of this situation to a quite similar yet allowably juvenile drama that I myself explored when I was about two years old. Life in upstate New York in the dead of winter can get quite monotonous and at that age, the “terrible twos” I realized that the most vivid dramatic energy arose when I made any move for the electric socket. It quickly became clear that my little tot hands reaching for that socket was the most taboo forbidden aspect of that  domestic situation and soon plastic guards were installed in all the outlets and I was given a harsh admonition that this was danger, the ultimate bogeyman. So…after living with that enigma for so long, I reached a place where I realized that I didn’t necessarily believe there was something powerful at hand that meant real consequences but if there was I had to hands-on know and experience it.  Because the entire situation had come to obsess, maybe even own me. So despite all the deeply-ingrained survival warnings, one day I found a stray house key and proceeded to make a mini Aztec step pyramid of a set of dresser drawers and then just climbed up, removed the plug guard and stuck the metal key in that electric socket. I was horrifically and immediately thrown across the room and hit the wall. I was crying and yelling “It threw me!” And lots of people went on to speculate that I was some form of sociopath, but ultimately I found satisfaction because I had broken through and experienced exactly what that power and its consequences were.

I think a very similar phenomenon, perhaps more subconsciously than consciously, is driving the Tory party. Here you have a homogenous group of people operating under one known groupthink, people who have never known anything but absolute privilege in life and who operate in a place above the law. Despite gratuitous scandals upon scandals they never face any real consequences, only continue to operate in a rather numb world of easy manipulation and perpetual gain. I think they have reached a maxing out point on this one-sided experience and are going to push their agenda to go for broke – to either attain that elusive Holy Grain of full spectrum dominance via a corporate imperialist global govt. – or keep pushing the envelope until they finally unleash some form of unknown cataclysmic fate from a power greater than the known, or at least some real and intense consequences that finally force them into a reckoning with something beyond their own powers of manipulation. They are gradually edging closer and closer to the final edge of a very real precipice which they’re not yet sure is real and which ultimately they just might be willing to take the fall from because they have exhausted their own subjective Plato’s Cave and on some level want to find those limits, those consequences, that power greater than their own, that sense of actually feeling something and being fully human. They want to finally find and experience that ultimate tempest.

The austerity issue is going to be that wild card and it appears that will be more sooner than later. First of all it’s not sustainable or even possible to successfully cut funding for people who will never be able to be self-sufficient – the disabled, handicapped, elderly, terminally ill, etc. Doing so is going to bring a profound destructive consequence. Beyond that, though it may be optimal to cut public welfare where people should be able to self-support, this nation has created a monster of a massive welfare state. To just suddenly pull the plug and throw  a nation into pure chaos can only lead to some very radical blowback.You can’t stop giving a man fish until you have successfully taught him how to fish. There has to be a transition process that is viable and really does meet the needs of the people. Add to that all the unwise foreign policy of unethical hegemonies and warmongering for profit -it’s clear to anyone with rational common sense that this is all heading toward some form of ultimate meltdown. But it seems they don’t care. It’s a mindset of ultimate power or bust. These people aren’t playing with the complete set of major and minor arcana in their deck.They want the ever elusive grail of absolute dominion – or they want to finally get some ultimate bang for the buck run for their money that is a power greater than their own which they must finally reckon with. They want that power that will free them from their prison of contrivances and finally make them REAL again. Because whatever real was it’s something only linked to very remote history and its absence means never again being fully alive. And perhaps even the most dystopian chaotic self-extinction baiting disaster possible becomes more and more appealing to those who have given up personal desires and sovereignty for a script kitty world of group hive technocratic manipulation. Because it would mean true freedom. I can’t believe they don’t know that this pulling the plug on such a large segment of a population will have big negative consequences, the only other theory I have is maybe it’s a deliberate provocation to bring on massive “civil unrest” to enable the installment of UN or EU troops and escalating encapsulation into global government – or so they hope.

It’s a blind, infantile push of the envelope on the most primordial level by in some ways primitive beings who will never understand fire unless they can feel it, even if that means getting burned. Because they’ve never felt the heat. So in the meantime they have begun to gamble because until that primal quest is satisfied… some like it hot.