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absolut bullshit

This one is purely for shits and giggles…Here’s the deal – he’s a former MK-ULTRA mind-controlled bionic super-assassin – Really? Would you actually fear an encounter with this guy in a dark alley? And could he actually fight his way out of the proverbial paper bag?
And better yet, she was a Project Monarch mind-controlled porn star from FDR’s super-secret snuff film industry – which led me to ask the question –
Did you know that a snuff film star actually dies in the film?
So how did she do it? Reincarnate and return as a walk-in for each starring role? And of course they have products to sell –
magic water – for about $30-$175 a bottle – and an energy ascension kit which consists of scrap metal shards in a plastic box – who knows
the price – probably at least a few hundred or more.
Anyone who sends these people money deserves really anything they get. Wow…