(Dodo bird, proposed new Tory mascot)

Here it is in a nutshell, my personal 2 cents on future prospects of
the Tory party and current trends indicating a mission for self-extinction…

I’m coming to the conclusion that the Tory party is battling a hidden unconscious death wish. The only way I can make any sense
of these crazy happenings at all is to get Jungian. That this party entirely lacks direction so is biting off its own tail in hopes of alchemically putrefying into rebirth as an ultimately superior life form.
Or else they’re just simply nuts. Between the Cameron administration’s scandals du jour and a growing yet entirely unconstructive and directionless opposition, then add to that
a growing disconnect and alienation from the average electorate base, it’s clear this ship is sinking fast. Then just when you
think it can’t get any weirder, somebody comes up with the idea
of chainsaw bravado and mafia threats. What in the hell is going
on? Has David Lynch been taken on as a new political advisor?
Seriously this is just way gone nuts and it will only come across as such to the voting public.
In my own humble personal opinion, the only valid and doable means to an effective intra-party opposition would be one stemming from
real concern about the destructive potential of the European Union and a growing conviction that the Cameron administration is not going to effectively either achieve meaningful reform or take a stand for opposition and facilitate the referendum and exit.
The opposition would logically organize around a well-orchestrated push to perhaps make one final comprehensive attempt at re-negotiation
with a thorough list of points of contention that must bring amendment, or else an unyielding exit strategy. It would have a good solid PR public outreach approach that would effectively personalize the Tories in a way that has never been successfully done and make an competent communication to the public with the truth of the impending destabilizing and destructive outcomes to be expected if no one acts. And that would be the central rallying point to gain massive public support and a resurgence of party popularity. There would be an alternate leader for this purpose and consideration of pacts where and when they can
achieve these ends and prevent a vote-splitting election that assures a Labour victory. In current political conditions,
Euroscepticism is the only wave you are going to effectively surf to regain power and the single most important issue on which the
future well-being of Britain depends. My personal common sense
advice is that unless you organize professionally non-criminally +non-violently around this most urgent crisis and make a sincere
connection with the voting public, this party is going nowhere
but South. The public isn’t interested in anyone’s ego dramas
or career prospects, they desperately need to restore trust –
if that’s even at all possible – with a professional political machine that is working for their best interests and determined
to restore self-sovereignty and national economic, legislative
and military powers back to the nation. If there isn’t a much
more effective means of communication and professional organization to get specific national recovery results, this
party will continue to alienate itself from the people who increasingly see it as entirely corrupt and self-serving and
scatter your intentions and forces in an impotent self-undermining
chaos that will consistently advance toward this party’s absolute ruin. Hope that helps… :- )