My first and most obvious observation of Boris Johnson’s so-called cutting edge Eurosceptic confrontation speech is that it was missing the two most essential ingredients: 1.a concise but thorough explanation of the real dangers to the future well-being and survival of Britain posed by the institutionalized corruption of the EU and 2.A brief but clear definition of his proposed eight key points for reform. Since it contained neither of those most critical subjects, and since he’s seemingly only taking a vaguely Eurosceptic pose for his own political benefit, he would have done far better
publicity and spin-wise to instead announce that his 12th cousin twice removed descendant of Vlad the Impaler was the real killer of Jim Morrison and Marianne Faithful is a liar – then go on to a three martini lunch – and bigger and better headlines.

I have to think that the reason most politicians refuse to rock the boat on the impending dangers of the EU is a weak form of self-preservation – they want to stay politically afloat by showing some display of Euroscepticism but at the same time hope to keep their options open in the event that they might also benefit from future EU career options and perks no matter what form it takes and what societal consequences. And then just the usual posh boy syndrome- the remarkable but true way that the Eton tradition tends to produce brilliantly intelligent candidates with an stunning lack of street smarts and survival sense and a profound disconnect from causal consensus reality. What clearly needs to happen is Eton adopting a sort of “semester at sea” program where students would spend some time stripped of their comforts and functioning in a real capacity in locations like perhaps a Turkish prison, Gaza, Bangladesh, Harlem or the San Quentin maximum security prison. Because then they would graduate with a fully complete education on real consequences in the real world they will most likely one day be governing or managing. They would have a basic sense of cause and effect and the real human impact of one’s actions. In the case of the EU
crisis, I’m not sure if they’re just essentially unable to grasp the reality of the dark side of politics and its vivid and profound consequences, or if they simply don’t care as long as
they personally come out on the profitable side of things.
Whatever the case, the result is that the essential most critical issues on the EU debate continue to be completely unaddressed at a nation’s future peril.

Although I’ve ranted about it ad nauseum here, I will once again
but as concisely as possible try to elaborate some of the basics here, and they are:

1.EU’s obvious plan to break the UK economically with brutal and
excessive taxation and environmental fines and dubious so-called humanitarian “redistribution of wealth” schemes which primarily involve key members shelling out massive sums to be re-appropriated to so-called humanitarian projects which largely only benefit the big bureaucracy. This economic toll continues to escalate as bureaucrats run amok in a clearly deliberate scheme to dis-empower the nation and break down national sovereignty.

2.The continuing and eventually total loss of members’ Parliamentary powers in submission to rule by a centralized EU bureaucracy. Approximately 75% of Britain’s laws now derive from
the EU – eventually it may well be 100%.

3.The real nature of the EU bureaucracy – increasingly less democratic, increasingly more a secret society type shadow government most certainly conducting behind-the-scenes covert dealings to serve its own agendas and the way it can easily manipulate weak members to unquestionably conform to those agendas and the way it will increasingly pander to big corporate self interest at public detriment and the way this emerging rubber stamp bureaucracy with its own agendas can easily stack the legislative deck against a non-compliant member with unfathomable consequences.

4.Juncker’s immediate plans for a centralized European army and an ongoing reduction of member nations’ military capabilities.
I can’t in any way fathom how that doesn’t alarm anyone, consenting to give away your military powers to increasingly totalitarian undemocratic body that is also dissolving your national sovereignty.

5.The very clear agenda of this bureaucracy to offer memberships to lesser-developed nations in crisis which it can offer aid to in the form of long-term debt slavery and corporate usury schemes and exploiting their vulnerability and growing dependency for compliance with the shadow bureaucracy’s self-serving agendas
which would also include serving as military support.

6.The very unmistakeable EU attempt to destabilize nations and destroy national sovereignty with uncontrolled immigration and
making member nations foot the bill for it.

These are just a few short examples. I could extrapolate a lot further but am trying to keep it brief. My point is that anyone claiming to be Eurosceptic who is not verbalizing these extreme
dangers to the nation’s – or any nation’s future and making a
direct effort to organize a tangible and effective confrontation of this feral bureaucracy’s viral and cancerous power grab is simply blowing hot air and not a part of a real
solution. I think that most politicians either basically don’t grasp the dangers of what is now a real threat to national sovereignty and survival – or are just giving lip service, hoping to stay safely on the fence and benefit politically with Eurosceptic posturing while at the same time keep options open for future personal EU perks and career options no matter what the consequences will be to the world at large.