Judging by the success of the previous moon circle, which didn’t seem to react much initially – I personally started with only two
sort of token dreams – but then later within the first 24 hours it delivered some crazy unexpected big kicks + I decided to continue to
put it out there for whoever wants to continue the experiment.
Basically the agreement is that Lucifer the Lightbringer, who I
need not remind you is NOT Satan and NOT demonic but in fact a
spirit messenger assisting your access, assimilation and creative
innovation in More and Further Light agrees to utilize the designated image through the medium of Twitter and your own variegated planes of consciousness to impart to you further insight to the exaltation, expansion and expression of the higher creative powers and greater realization of your core self. It’s a kind of
public service announcement encouraging this world to move away from the predator/prey social model and all forms of negative energy which may appear to be initially self-serving but which will only serve to entrap and debilitate you. The aim is to assist in the awakening of humanity beyond traditional petty power and ego games
to realize the much greater and in fact infinite powers of being and creation that lie within reach for you to realize when you abandon
the functions of the lower primitive self and begin to step beyond the threshold of previous worldly limitations into the event horizon
of infinite creative power, being and experience that are the core
of a return to your personal and collective immortality. This
experiment involves the specific interface with the psychopomp that is the Lightbearer on this cyclic day to speak to you personally messages of your own higher future potentials, self,
true will and innovative powers to begin to raise this world
to its rightful place in the realms of the gods. If we are to
save this world and stimulate new evolution and rebirth, we must
be willing to give up the toxic and very limiting agendas that are
only leading to a massive collective self-extinction. The purpose
of this experiment is a controlled interface that can only open to
you these more exalted planes and assure a positive experience and
eliminate the negative fallout that can happen for newer practitioners (known as psychonauts) when they approach the infinite in an unguided random way, just simply taking any and all
phenomena in like an open sponge. This experiment is sanctioned
by the Lightbearer and promises to provide to you very personalized illuminating insight if you are open to whatever ways
it may be shown to you through the synchronicity. If you use the
image provided here with a good intent it is certain not to disappoint. And of course you are free to send any comments on your own personal results.
The directions are simple. Print this image and either burn, bury
or sleep with it under your pillow on the night of the new moon,
setting in your subconscious that you are open to receive the
communication. Then leave it to destiny…