Ok, I’m going to try to be concise and not indulge lots of needless psychobabble on this matter, so here goes…
I watched the whole damn thing and am now thoroughly convinced that
the PM is being totally honest and not hiding any particular
subterfuge. However…in my personal opinion I’m still seeing an
issue with the cognitive dissonance of an essential naivete and
inability to see negative aspects in a situation. He’s totally
right that the best thing to do was to take a stand and oppose
the nomination of Juncker and uphold protocols and principles,
and to adhere to task and not give up on important goals.
All that is well and good and was quite exemplary, however…
there’s another side to this thing and that is the nature of
a corrupt EU leadership with its own covert agenda and a majority
of lame duck members willing to either support it or just not rock the boat and accept it. And that majority negative
agenda will soon be facilitated by an unethical radicalized
federalist president. So there’s going to be this momentum of
negative proactive legislation that could move against the
need for reform and in fact further into the insidious ever closer union continuing a solid momentum of robbing Britain of
its power and sovereignty. Eton must be a lot like the American
boy scouts where you learn values like that not giving up the ship
and just simply reaching out to others in good will and reason
will always make everything turn out okay. Cameron firmly believes
that what he has to do here is have good will toward others and
hold out the higher ground of good reason and eventually everybody
will see the light. That’s not what’s going to happen here.
There is a powerful pro-federalist even pro-totalitarian power
bloc exercizing majority control and its intent is to bulldoze
its objectives through by any means necessary.And those objectives
are to rapidly take as much powers from member nations as possible
and give them over to a not entirely democratic and clearly backward not forward thinking group of tired bureaucrats whose
main intent is not progress for Europe but a self-serving power
grab. At this point, simply standing one’s ground, not leaving
the fight, and holding out reason may not be enough. If this
bloc is going to spit in the face of that reason and continue to
organize a legislative coup against you – you need to start doing
the math. How effective can you be at getting reforms vs. how
fast will the momentum of their organized power play be to take
your nation’s sovereignty? Which side of this tug of war is
going to get more momentum and eventually win? I don’t claim to
be an expert on inner EU political trends, so I’d defer that
answer to lots of other minds besides mine. But this still remains
an important question. Somebody has to figure out that math.
Even if there is a possibility that the vote was not a true
expression of members’ opinions on the federalist issue, it still
shows a weak membership body that is not proactive or independent
thinking and is easily manipulated by the corrupt power brokers
that dominate this organization. If that legislative majority
holds firm, it will not matter anything at all how hard you
fight, how long you stay the duration or how much solid reason
and good will you try to communicate to others, you are in the
losing minority and your ship is going to sink. That’s all I’m trying to express here. That no matter how solid your reasoning,
how dynamic your problem-solving, how good your intentions or
how great your future vision, if you have a majority of corrupt,
primitive Machiavellian majority and a passive membership it
dominates ready to vote against you, you lose. And if you lose
and the federalist agenda takes bigger and bigger strides of
a legislative momentum of taking your power – taking over your
Parliament, your military and police, your economy and taxation
and more – you could end up in a position of powerlessness with
no further exit strategy. Does the union value Britain’s
economic capabilities enough that it’s going to bend and agree
to special accommodations of limited membership rules for the UK –
or is this big majority vote for a proven corrupt federalist
a sign of the shapes of things to come and a warning to seriously
think about getting out if you really have no voting leverage?
A good captain never abandons ship, but when all passengers
have left on lifeboats and the hull is underwater, a smart captain
knows this is time to abandon ship. Bottom line: can the EU be reconstructed successfully or are you now re-arranging deck chairs
on the Titanic?