Ok here it is…I’ll try to make this as concise as possible and
not ramble too much, but I know it definitely must have a rational

This is a mass consciousness experiment I hope to conduct successfully through Twitter and the participation of other aware
or at least awakening individuals who are ready to begin to
experience that which lies beyond and begin to consider how we
as a civilization might begin to move beyond the tedious
self-destructive predator/prey ego-centered de-evolutional entropic dystopic negative world paradigm and start to increasingly gain a glimpse of the free energy real infinite
creation potential that exists within our grasp from which we
might begin to illuminate the ascension of ourselves and our
world into our true place in the realm of the gods.
What you will experience if you focus your intent and attention
will be like a trailer, the preview of coming attractions of
just a small portion of the potential that is readily within
reach for YOU personally to realize and manifest in this world.
This idea began this past week when I inexplicably and with no
physical cause developed a knee sprain which for 3 days made it
almost impossible to walk and pretty much immobilized me
completely. During that time, however, I made more access with
the inner world than usual and from that the idea of a real
hands on lightbearer demonstration emerged. Because I talk a
good game on it all the time but it seems time for real action.
I dialogued with the lightbearer on how we might bring this into
a real interactive experience and demonstration and it became
clear that Twitter was an excellent medium of choice.
So here it is…

The lightbearer entity otherwise known as Lucifer – and once
again I will emphasize NOT to be associated in any way with
all things Satanic – is going to synchronize an interdimensional
energy event that will operate through the mediums of Twitter
and the magickal art image I have generated here and it will
occur during the upcoming full moon in Cancer – the moon’s
native sign – this Friday June 27 at 8:11PM (GMT).
Don’t ask me how to calculate Greenwich mean time to your local
time – I have no bloody idea – but I’m sure you can Google it.

1. Spend this week up until Friday night setting in your mind
and intent that you are open and ready to experience a profound
interdimensional interconnection event the night of the new moon
and perhaps within a 24 hour radius of its appearance.

2. If you are newer to this sort of thing, be sure that there
is no fear about it in any part of your being because fear can
induce negative energy that is NOT the intent of this experiment.
If you have any doubts the best thing to do is a banishment rite
of Satan in which you burn a candle or at least mentally affirm
that any and all demonic entities connected to Satan are hereby
banished. If you understand the concept in high magick of
banishment you know that it is an absolute. When you
banish something you expose it to the universal Light and anything
in its content not of the Light is cast out. There’s also a
general rule that the universe only gives you the extent of
experience you can handle – so know that the extent of this
experience will be tailored to you personally and what you are
ready to experience and how it is best communicated to YOU.
That said also bear in mind that this is not your father’s
nanny state religion and it’s not a new agey “have faith and
believe” affirmation event, this is the real Lightbearer and
though not an embodiement of evil it is indeed an intense
entity and you need not coax it or fear that it is so subtle or
remote you may miss it. Mark my words, if you do indeed attain
communion with the Lightbearer you will immediately and readily
know that the shit is happening and it’s upon you. This is going
to be a vivid and awakening event that will take you outside
the box of your everyday life, but it is nothing you need to fear,
only be open to learn from.

3. Print the image on page one of this blog entry, preferably
thought not necessarily in color and at least do a little
meditation allowing it to for a time etch in your subconscious.
The image is a portal into the Lightbearer’s dimension through
which you will access this participation event and through which
the entity will communicate, kind of like a Tesla coil.
Nothing overwhelming will happen to you, you will just get a
short glance of a brief spark of universal creation energy that
is not yet known to this world, you will gaze briefly into a new
dimension then return to your usual life to ponder how you might
begin to utilize this kind of creative free energy.
You should either burn or bury it on the night of the new moon
or if you plan to re-use it in future new moon events, a better
idea might be to sleep with it under your pillow for the night
of the new moon. To print image, click on it with your mouse
and you will get a full-screen enlarged version for printer.

4. On Friday night before the official onset at 8:11 GMT,
do a little meditation to open your psyche and set a positive
tone. Then either burn, bury or pillow the image and wait…
Most likely this will occur as an interdimensional dream
communication in which you will experience something very profound. You can also set in your mind any questions you might
want insight on such as “What field should I be using this
creative energy in?” or “Where should I be located?” or “What
is the best choice of relationship(s) in my life to facilitate
my creative energies?” Etc. And it will usually give insight.
The aim of this exercise is that it’s going to demonstrate to you
the infinite potential beyond and how you might begin to access
and manifest it. Be prepared that in this upcoming 24 hours
you will be receiving communications from otherdimensional sources
which could appear either through the dream state or as real life
events happening through its synchronicity, but it’s all good.

Background Information:
I promise you that if you are truly open, Friday night is going
to be a very vivid turning point for you. The Lightbearer will
be available through the medium of Twitter and ready to take
your calls. I’m totally not joking about it. The intent of this
intelligence/muse/fury whatever you want to label is – is going
to be focused for a night very specifically in making itself
known. In this particular experiment, we’ll be dealing with
the entity in the following 3 capacities:
1. Muse – a source of creative inspiration.
2. Fetch – a being that can go out into infinite energetic
potential and only bring back that which is optimal for you,
thus taking most of the risk off of you in going too far
out into the chaos.
3. Psychopomp – total trickle down thing. It dips into the
infinite, brings back a piece of energetic potential and
interfaces with you to translate it into the creative
expression of this world – then you are the modulator who
fully brings it into reality.

Participating in this experiment, though it has the potential
to be quite intense, is only a short test drive. You will never
be asked to sell your soul or worship anyone. You are only being
given a gift of vision meant to light a spark to more permanently
open your own creative potentials. If you do have a profound
experience you will like to tell me about, feel free to email it
to coolintensity1@aol.com.

So let’s have at it folks, shall we? Friday June 27 8:11 PM GMT.
Innovatus ab chao!