Well…what can I say? These are the things I think about when
procrastinating doing a massive much-needed apartment cleaning…

First of all…further speculations on the subject “What if UKIP
is Controlled Opposition?”…And what if there’s an unknown
trump card they are unexpectedly yet to play?…Another thought
I recently had is what if the ulterior goal is not as much about
affecting legislation as amassing a rapidly increasing population
of dissidents that could gradually be radicalized toward attempting
to destabilize the government and national security? They do have
what’s approaching 40,000 card-carrying members and this group is
ultimately not democratic but run by one leader with many followers.
Could that eventually take a gradual turn toward radicalization
and the group be led into provocateur or even violent activities?
Especially because they’ve had such an emphasis on recruiting
a significant element of non-peaceful fringe protestors.
Could there be an underlying goal of mobilizing these numbers in some destructive way and this being funded by questionable sources? Would the intent be to destabilize the government and national cohesiveness to create the kind of chaos that would
enable the furtherance of totalitarian global government or maybe even something more radical like the Communist party?
Could UKIP have been intended to be a vote splitter to put
Miliband in office and bring about the kind of destabilization
necessary to promote socialist or Communist “reform” or even
some type of martial law and total capitulation to the EU agenda?
Miliband unconditionally supports the EU and was suddenly
a big supporter of UKIP joining the debates. Like maybe the aim
is to appeal to dissenting voters but then lead them not into
constructive activism but to destabilizing provocateuring.
I have to wonder why the sudden name change to The Peoples’ Army.
What else does that imply but something militarized and
totalitarian? Or maybe the intent is to neutralize alternative
political activism by galvanizing it to one major party that will
blow a lot of hot air but ultimately not take any effective
action? To actually prevent a major proactive alternative party from arising by posing as being it. Neutralizing political
activity, destabilizing national morale and cohesiveness and
splitting votes to assure the return of perhaps an increasingly
more radicalized Socialist or Communist leaning populist movement and government. One possible analogy in my mind is of UKIP to
the fortunately failed Occupy Wall Street movement in the US.
It was never actually a popular uprising as it was posed to be.
It was a very radicalized leftist pro-Communist attempt to
overthrow the political system and fill that void with a very
contrived “peoples'” totalitarian global government and possible
martial law. All of it came very unimaginatively and predictably
from Obama’s mentor Saul Alinsky and corrupt leftist provocateurs
like Bill Ayers. Miliband is cut from this same mold and in fact
now has one of Obama’s key advisors as his own. Most of the
so-called popular uprisings happening in the world today are
also not at all grass roots but provocateured by these very
same elements. Could this be more the true ultimate ulterior
motive of UKIP and what questionable outside sources might
be funding and backing it? There are just too many red flags
popping up with UKIP and so much absurd radically unprofessional
behavior and provocateuring, I’d say at very least this group’s
activities and intent should be highly scrutinized by the
responsible voter and those working to insure national security.
And what role might Miliband play in this subterfuge?