I’ve been asked about this so here it is, a basic run-down of why…

1. People showing up at random – presumably various factions of
afore-mentioned rogue government – trying to kill me.
I initially accepted this as a consequence of the key intel I
tend to unearth in my tweets rather frequently + embraced it
as a zen exercise and even found the comedy in it – think
Inspector Clouseau – and even bore no anger because ultimately
it did in fact lead to more and further light, but alas, it
grew tedious as I realized that being in a frame of mind for
hand-to-hand combat at the drop of a dime at all times I was
outside my apartment was cramping my lifestyle.

2. Unknown women seeking me out with entirely false accusations
of doing their spouses. Even more tedious.

3. People allegedly from my past who I have no memory of because
I did a lot of drugs in my adolescence – and no desire to
make the acquaintance of now – seeking me out trying to
engage me in mundane suburban lifestyle discussions for which
I have no personal context or frame of reference.

4. Exes who refuse to either evolve or let go who feel a need
to obsess about and demonize me.

At least it gave me something in common with most of my Twitter
page readers – being anonymous.