Sorry I finally crashed from lack of sleep but I’m back now and am
going to try to get all these random chaotic thoughts out in response
to G7 happenings, especially Cameron’s statements and new approach.
I initially did interpret his behavior as someone simply part of the
corrupt agenda but very diplomatic and good at making enough bullshit
stick to gain public approval for the same old agendas. I knew from
my own well-proven experience with the corruption of politics that
what the EU had in mind for “re-negotiation of terms” would be nothing at all about relinquishing power back to the member nations
and everything about a convenient publicity move to enable them to
maneuver even more legislative trickery and usurp more power.
I initially assumed Cameron to just be part of this typically corrupt
globalist agenda. Not that I trust any politician entirely, but
I was quite surprised to observe the goings on and realize that
he really is expecting to carry out a legitimate negotiations process
returning the EU to being an economic, political and cultural
collaborative of entirely self-sovereign nations – what it could
have been if it were to really succeed and serve the public good.
I am convinced that even still, he expects to continue to use
diplomacy and common sense reasoning to gain majority support
for this much-needed reform. Where his head is at right now is
assuming he’s dealing with rational individuals who are in these
positions because they want to serve the greater public good.
For anyone who truly knows politics, of course this is aggregiously absurd. But I’m convinced the he really believes it
and is still expecting these people to just simply respond to
common sense and do the right thing. He’s entirely out of the
loop on this one in a way that you and I know to be beyond what
we would even consider mentally sane. We know that politics is
a long-established corrupt establishment that only serves big
money’s interests at the expense of the public most of the time.
And that you don’t get into politics unless you are willing to
accept and embrace its various covert imperialist agendas.
And when you do get in, you are rarely going to assert the ideals
and good will you may have entered with – you will be overwhelmingly pressured with intense consequences to serve the
interests of the profiting fat cats who have usurped the systems.
I suspect that Cameron is fundamentally naive in a way you and I
cannot fathom but that this was part of the game plan to set him
up as a patsy to be “handled” and managed by those in control
to do their bidding. I think he has been in some way sheltered
and removed from the nature of causal reality and groomed for
this role and maybe for the most part he actually believes the
vision of reality that’s been presented to him in his grooming.
However you have to admit there’s some element where he appears
to be responding with real common sense and beginning to be at
odds with the establishment. He is still coming from a place of
assuming that people are essentially mostly good and that all he
will have to do is apply tact and reason. We all know what’s to
follow with that. The EU has no intent whatsoever of returning
any power to member nations and very definitely is operating
under a covert agenda that is unmistakeably a massive power grab
and an imperialist agenda to exploit Europe and eventually if
possible, the entire world. They seek a one world totalitarian
government where their unelected executive body will eventually
hold carte blanche power to exploit as it pleases and they are
carrying out a very gradual agenda to strip away all powers from
the nations for the benefit of what is essentially a growing
corporate criminal cabal. There’s no way to observe its stealth
self-serving power grabbing implementation of strategy and not
quickly realize that. They thought Cameron was their patsy.
Whatever’s going on he is now suddenly going against agenda and
asking too many questions and demanding too many answers – and
accountable actions. He on the other hand, is still going on the
assumption that he’s dealing with rational civilized public
servants. As this drama wages on, he’s going to be in for a
massive rude surprise. What they will try to do is manage him,
have his handlers get him back into the right compliant behaviors.
If he really holds out in not doing that and insisting on real
reform in this organization and sets himself up as an arbiter of
a new ethics and accountability to the public, a very dark messy
substance is about to hit the fan. The next step will be to
try to discredit him personally – a series of increasingly
hardcore media smear tactics – followed by a strategy of blackmail
of the UK to conform or be blacklisted from the single market and
members’ support – followed by – if he really continues to hold
out – increasingly radical moves such as killing him.
The only thing that might alter that would be massive public
pressures and insistence on transparent accountability, if a
majority of constituents got involved and refused to accept the
agendas and did not back down until they were held accountable.
This is where the Tory party could potentially gain a massive
resurgence – if they became a legitimate rallying point to do this, to re-empower Britain and restore a free market that was
accessible to all and a vital part of the larger European
single market. Then that which serves the real market needs
would dominate. What’s going on right now is a corrupt cabal
is trying to hold that market captive purely for its own benefits
and shrewdly go about taking over all legislative, economic and
military power to make itself invincible and member nations
passive dependents. They are obviously very worried now that
Cameron is still holding out in believing its going to become
a fair process and demanding legitimate negotiations.
They are determined to put their most corrupt inherently fascist
man in leadership and someone has become a spanner in the works
to making that happen. The next strategies you can count on seeing
here will be efforts to personally discredit Cameron with the public and to economically and politically break Britain down
into compliance. If Britain does leave the union, I can’t believe
they will do nothing but accept its right to co-exist in its own
sovereignty. A big reason for that is that the UK is clearly heading for a major economic resurgence that will become an
impossible competitor for the very inept stagnant union.
It’s going to take massive public pressure to make things happen
in the right way, either by real reforms or UK leaving.
If that doesn’t happen it literally could mean some form of
future European civil war. This talk now about the importance
of “partnerships” among nations including the US is really just
a gradual process of globalization compliance, to make all nations comply with the corrupt imperialist agendas of the biggest
economic powers. It’s a joke to think it’s really about fighting
“extremist terrorism.” The most extreme terrorism is and always
has been at the hands of those sitting at the G7 tables right now. If Cameron thinks the moral high ground is in making Britain
an accomplice to those global imperialist campaigns, most especially those perpetrated by the US, he’s very much on the
wrong side of reality. He’s still operating from a massive dose
of naivete and believing that these world leaders really are
coming from a place that will serve humanity. I am certain he
somehow absolutely does not grasp the gravity of the conflict
that is looming and the increased pressure that will fall upon
him personally to serve these agendas. Agendas that will always
be touted as humanitarian or anti-terror efforts that demand
a public “join the bandwagon” approach but are in fact pure
corporate imperialist implementations of fascism. Cameron
very much accepts whatever is spoon fed to him by these interests and his own handlers. If he really means what he says, he will
need to develop his own intelligence system to get the real facts
on what is happening in the world and the real intent and actions
of the main players. He is still to a profound extent, lacking
on real knowledge of what they are doing. He accepts what is
spoon fed to him and believes it to be for the greater good.
He is still radically naive about how these covert operations
happen and the nature and extent of the political corruption
that enables them. So in my own mind at least, it remains to
be seen if he will really hold to all that he is saying about
demanding an end to the corruption and a new policy of total
transparency. But I do give him credit because whatever he’s
doing now is clearly his own initiative, it seems to be sincere
and he’s sticking to it. Also I’d have to ask what is the UK
monarchy’s role in this impending conflict? Are they clueless
as to what it ultimately means politically or are they actually
part of it? If they are part of it he’s also going to face
tremendous pressure there to comply. If he really puts himself
at odds with the entire establishment he will need profound
public support to make that work for and not against him.
That would be an informed active public who does not accept
the current agenda, demands change and will make good on
holding individuals responsible for treasonous actions.
I’m not joking when I say that they are not beyond trying to
kill him or anyone else standing in their way. And I think this
“Greenpeace” incident is highly suspect. I will post footage of
it here. And here’s why I think it’s highly suspect…
First of all the fracking debate has been going on a long time.
Why would they suddenly just now show up at his home – when they
knew he was at G7 and would not be there? And why was there
no actual protest- just an installation of fence and attempts
to get in his home – when they knew he was not there?
They had some extent of chances to case the place, get more idea
of the plan of his home while putting up the fence – and then
hoped to get inside and get details on the floor plan.
Why would someone be doing that now, just so conveniently at the
same time as the EU showdown? The answer is to prepare to possibly
take him out. There was no actual protest, no big interaction
with the public on this, they just went to his home and got
details of the plan and left – and they are long known or at least
highly suspected to be an espionage front. For example their
recent arctic ventures for which some were jailed were most likely
about spying on Putin. I personally believe this group is a front
to gain access and throw off suspicion of espionage missions.
Anyhow…if he’s going to persist in this new mission – and really
means it – he’s going to have to shatter a massive amount of
personal naivete and gullibility and get way better informed
in all areas and much more protective of his own security.
As it stands he’s coming from a place of pure pronoia. That means
the opposite of paranoia where one always assumes life is
conspiring against them – a pronoid assumes everything exists
to nurture and benefit them and maintains no defense.
I think Cameron is someone almost entirely unable to see the real
dark side of life and the negative motives and actions of others
around him. He still thinks he’s dealing with rational and
civilized individuals acting for humanitarian ends and won’t be
able to maintain what will become a very fatal cluelessness
very much longer. I think that’s about it for now.
My opinion re: his new approach is on one hand open-minded and
supportive yet also still run by critical thinking and knowing
how frequently politicians can exploit such talk for their own
gain. All in all my opinion right now is open yet sceptical of
all things political so very wait and see. But hey
there’s now some sort of at least pseudo-protagonist involved
here – and that’s some degree of progress isn’t it?
And no matter what…it’s not Ed Miliband!