Sorry that I was distracted for awhile from so many random chaotic
happenings today…but here goes. I first want to start with the
most positive side of things…the quite unexpected mention of the
subject of political corruption brought up in Prime Minister Cameron’s speech. In my opinion that was the singlemost constructive
or at least overdue confrontational element of the day, however naive
his expectation that this action might actually change behavior.
Believe me I know – I’ve been giving these same types of speeches
to the very same people for at least the last 6 years of my life
and I finally did learn my lesson – that you can’t get blood from
a rock. But then again it’s the noblest of men who nonetheless
never stop trying. For you or I who are entirely free to act
and speak at will, not beholden to any monolithic political
hierarchal structures making such statements does not carry the
same consequences. For someone in a high political position,
which means the compromise of much personal liberty and options for action, there will always be consequences to pay. We have not
seen a major establishment politician do that – directly confront
the hardcore truth that almost the entirety of all world political
systems are criminal and corrupt – since JFK’s admonitions
about the power excesses of the military industrial complex.
And you recall what became of Kennedy. It may only have been
the smallest spark, a few seconds of direct truth, but it was
someone in such a position veering off agenda and identifying
the elephant that has been the room for many decades. Someone
broke the glass, spilling blood on the carpet and the glass
reflected back to the arrogant majority that it was also on
their hands and the public is attesting to it. You can be sure
there will be consequences for taking such an action.
But it’s those actions, however small they may begin, one by one
causing a spark that leads to many sparks that leads to ignition.
If that one person is willing to put their self on the line
and take that stand to any degree and force the truth into the
public mind, into the light of day, demanding justice, it may
inspire another person to do so in an even bigger way, followed
by a few more doing it in an even bigger way, and so on until
the good takes momentum and must be accounted for in increasing
ways that eventually could lead to real change and the elevation
of what is still a very dark and dreary human condition.
Someone has to risk and hold down that risk until maybe –
and it may be a long shot – maybe remotely possibly – this world
begins to awaken and uplift itself into the infinite greater
potential that lies beyond its institutionalized evil and
stagnation. I say the spark has been duly noted and may more
sparks continue to appear on our horizons in these very trying,
increasingly absurd and uncertain days ahead.