A few random thoughts re: next steps in EU’s diabolical chess game…

1. This article reveals a lot.First of all that EU never expected
the UK to take a stand and hoped to simply impose their agenda
with no resistance with Britain as its key pawn. They are in
panic mode now but determined not to give up any ground on
relinquishing their powers because if they do they will forever
lose their momentum.

2. It’s abundantly clear they are not planning a profound
negotiations process but rather to quickly lash out with
punitive steps to try to black mail the UK back into
compliance. First with a media smear campaign and next
for sure it will be an attempt to blacklist the UK in the
single market. They will try to demonize Britain as a
destructive saboteur member and if all steps to get their
compliance fail, force them out and treat them with enemy
status, acting quickly to turn members against them and
shut them out from the European collaborative.

3. There’s a reason that the EU does not encourage member
sovereignty or nation building and now mainly targets
poorer underdeveloped nations for new memberships =
they hope to play on the crisis state of these countries
and trick them into believing the best solution is giving up
their sovereignty for EU governance and letting the EU take
financial control of their economies. The EU is not by any
means trying to empower these nations but rather pimp them out
as effectively possession colonies they can use at their
disposal. In other words, offer a poor underdeveloped country
an easy track to a quickly better standard of living if they
agree to be exploited economically for EU interests. This would
include things like overall economic usury and militarizing
their people for the disposal of increasingly imperialist
EU agendas. They would much rather have weak dependent members
whose resources and manpower they can exploit than productive
proactive self-sovereign members. They don’t want to
collaborate and partner with you, Britain, they want to pimp
you. And now they’re going to increase the scare tactics.
They hope to break you into submission to the EU as sole
governing authority – with its unelected executive body
using your nation as a pawn purely for its own benefits.

4. Does the UK monarchy even remotely understand the gravity of
this situation?

5. Obvious next steps will be bad PR against UK, strong efforts
to blacklist UK in the single market and ultimately, if they
achieve full centralization of European military powers,
to launch a military offensive to get UK compliance. One of
Juncker’s key objectives is the rapid implementation of a
European army. This is the surest sign of fascist intent.

6. Some sort of educational outreach seems critical to lead
member nations to understand that further commitment to the EU
will only entirely strip them of their power, not empower them.
And that the EU is trying to quickly move to take over all
legislative, economic and military powers and if they succeed,
members will in fact be nothing more than submissive colony
states unable to regain leverage to restore powers. It would
put members eventually at a crisis of either comply with
exploited colony status or launch literally the next world war.

7. The power of the unelected leadership and its increasingly
rapid take-over of all legislative power means increasing
carte blanche of unlimited powers for what is clearly a
self-serving hegemonial order of psychopaths. As they now
realize they won’t get any more bees with honey, they are going
to get increasingly hardcore hoping to use uneducated majority
concensus to acquire all powers and use them against defiant

8. The EU will proceed with electing Junker and imposing
increasing tax burdens on members. They will also try to impose
unlimited immigration as a way to destabilize national
sovereignty and they will increase propaganda efforts through
“public education” in the schools and mass media.

9. As it becomes clear that no effective EU “re-negotiation”
is actually going to happen there is only one thing that can
save and rebuild the Tory party – taking a strong pro-Britain
anti-EU tyranny stance. Showing real conviction of getting
behind Britain and taking independent steps to grow the great
potential of its economy. The writing is on the wall that this
conflict with the UK will only intensity forcing the referendum
probably sooner than later but this can easily work in the
Tories’ and Cameron’s favor if they show strong personal
conviction of getting behind the UK and not succumbing to
a lame corporate imperialist globalist agenda.

10.Last but not least…why is Greenpeace, a long-suspected
espionage front, suddenly hanging out at Cameron’s home,
supposedly in an anti-fracking protest but really doing
nothing but putting up a fence – and trying to get in to
talk? This is a very typical ruse used when covert groups
want to get someone’s home floor plan for future offensives.
Fracking has been under discussion for a long time, the timing
of this thing, right after the onset of EU conflict, seems
very strange.

Just my personal 2 cents. I think about these things while I’m
doing stuff like cleaning out the cat litter box.