no eu


I’m going to try one more time to break this issue down for those in the UK who read my Twitter page as a guilty pleasure they are too nervous about publicly subscribing to. They know who they are.
And that is the bottom line of the peril facing the UK because of the covert imperialist power play being gradually meticulously carried out to cyphon away member states’ powers and essentially
make them colonies of a centralized corporate run power bloc held by unelected officials in what will emerge as a neo-totalitarian global government with unlimited powers. Let’s take it step by step…

1. Primary EU leadership is not democratically elected by the people. ergo, how does it represent their interests? It does not.
Its main goal is only to preserve and increase its own power base.

2. Key EU strategy: gradually transferring all legislative powers away from members’ parliaments and to the centralized EU governing body. The goal is that eventually all legislative powers will belong to the unelected EU ruling body and member states will have none. It’s an across the board legislative castration for democratically elected government bodies like the UK Parliament which will increasingly entirely rob Britain of its self-sovereignty. Add to this that with the vague terms set for EU leaders who are unelected, they could conceivably grant their leadership a permanent dictatorial form of government.

3. Key EU Strategy: transfer all military power, intelligence and executive control from the member nations to the central EU ruling body. That means the unelected dominating EU ruling body will have all power over all European troops – you won’t and neither will your elected parliament. Likewise the European Court of Justice is to become the foremost legal authority.

4. Lots and lots and lots of free-license bullshit economic policies to tax, fine and “redistribute wealth” away from the European peoples and their elected governments and entirely into the hands of the unelected EU ruling body. Basically they want to break you financially while window dressing it as things like humanitarian aid, anti-poverty, international cooperativism,
expanding the free single market, etc. They want to gradually cyphon away your economic resources and financial power and take total control of it.

5. Key EU strategy: break down national sovereignty by going lax on immigration regulations and preventing member nations’ ability to control what populations are coming into their countries.
This is a primary maneuver to break down leading key member nations’ power – by overwhelming them with an influx of unscreened parasitic and/or criminal underdeveloped non-fully functioning social elements which can, in large numbers, undermine them financially,politically and in national security

6. Do the math. If they’ve succeeded in taking 100% of your legislative power, money and troops, what do you have left?
Answer: jack shit. A return to neo-feudalism. Serf’s up dude!
You are dealing with a power mad literally neo-Nazi cabal that is
absolutely NOT prepared to negotiate power back to the members.
There is no rational response to what amounts to a mounting global dictatorship power play but to 100% pull the plug.
There isn’t going to be a profound re-negotiation. And you need to realize that your nation’s elected officials are one of two things: 1. so entirely stupid and gullible that they cannot grasp the gravity and impending danger of this situation, or 2. in on the -for lack of a better word- conspiracy – hoping to gain a personal place of power in that future imperialist world government.

7.Projected EU Power Grab Strategies…The ongoing scheme is to provide many distractions away from the gradual erosion of power away from member states into one centralized authority which will be increasingly totalitarian in nature yet act as a rubber stamp for flagrant corporate imperialism. Ongoing efforts to provoke world wars via false flag terror events designed to create the illusion of terrorist enemies are actually a ploy to initiate military campaigns allegedly “to keep the world safe for democracy” but ultimately to take resources and territories which would become protectorates of the EU which would facilitate corporate imperialist usury agendas. Also through applying legislation such as TTIP, global govt would facilitate big corporate’s ability to override local and national governments through threat of lawsuit and create effectively a global corporate totalitarian government essentially run by and in service of megacorporate powers.

8. We’re getting a lot of indicators, day by day, that UKIP may in fact be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a controlled opposition ploy to monopolize the anti-EU movement leadership and appear to be on the forefront but actually not pursue maxiumum legislative or activist
efforts and maintain the status quo, paying lip service to these issues but compromising in status quo pacts and only just appeasing the populist political opposition, as well as frequently injecting dramas and divide and conquer tactics to sabotage.
If UKIP is controlled opposition and really a ploy to divert and divide any effective anti-EU populist momentum from taking a stand to reclaim British sovereignty, you could be left high and dry with the onset of some quick legislative maneuvers to transfer all remaining power to the EU – which would then be supported by your
elected UKIP turncoat officials. You very seriously need to turn up the volume on scrutinizing UKIP. It’s becoming clear that UKIP and especially its spokesman Nigel Farage is a most likely MI5 provocateur being well compensated to play the village idiot – appear to be the foremost Brexit leader while continuously staging negative publicity stunts – such as racist and sexist controversies and random idiocy – to entirely discredit the out movement as being completely fringe, nutter and rogue, and to stir up public dissent to “divide and conquer” any effective grassroots groundswell of Brexit momentum.  That means that unless you the people take the wheel in a much more profound way you could wake up one day to find yourselves the colonial bitch territories of a fascist globalist criminal cabal facing the options of either submit or launch World War 3 – minus your money, troops and legislative powers which will by then all be EU property. Wake up and smell the coffee people!

Addendum: In this 1942 document now in PDF form, you can see
the early progressions of the Third Reich strategizing to use
the EU, then called the EEC (European Economic Commission) as
a scheme to gradually advance a comprehensive bureaucratic power grab to bring the European nations into one superstate ruled by Germany.The so-called European think tank is nothing more than a continuation of this very same playbook.