For the benefit of Europhiles or those who see the in/out EU debate as being about as relevant as insie/outsie belly buttons, I thought I would jot down some of the key reasons I personally see upcoming EU re-negotiations as at best futile, at worst a ruse as part of a continued corrupt power grab. Either way it’s a fatally flawed no-go.

1. Members are not democratically elected. Therefore they don’t represent the true will of the people and quite honestly being a posse of obvious nerds and geeks who has somehow against nature achieved a major bloc of power, aren’t possibly going to be willing to relinquish any aspects of it because it’s almost certain they will never attain it again.

2. Ethnocentric Cronyism – a sociopathic covert alliance of members who think they are fulfilling an ethnocentric hegemonial manifest destiny of world dominion. This comes from generations of a mindset of it being ones’ destiny or birthright to claim a world rulership for their nativity. This mindset is an unseen but driving presence in the EU.

3. Those who hold the power there do not have the same objective as some of the attempted negotiators – a win/win better facilitated single market and mutual political alliance. Their true objective is a continued centralization of power for their own alliance’s domination. Negotiating parties are moving in two entirely opposite unrelated directions. There is no common ground.

4. This organization continues to operate in an increasingly covert and unethical manner, seeking to alter as much legislation entirely to their own advantage and members’ detriment as quickly and irreversibly as possible. It’s a blatant power play by an allied subjective interest group which continues to operate surreptitiously toward a centralized fascist global government.
Their aim is to take your legislative powers, not negotiate.

5. There’s too drastic an imbalance of power in a majority of members parasitically exploiting the more dynamic few key members who greatly surpass them in production. As a nation like the UK moves more certainly toward a rapid growth future it will increasingly be crippled by a wrong-minded approach of redistribution of wealth. Rather than promote strong nation-building for all members, there is a majority standard of mediocrity and stagnation, with most members seeking bureaucratic aid rather than taking their own initiatives toward progress.
This climate of co-dependent stagnancy is strongly encouraged in the union while progressive self-sufficiency is penalized.
This is an increasingly toxic climate furthering a crippling collectivist entropy.