This blog came about when I saw a peculiar image just hanging out in my Twitter data stream – another top UKIP representative now also flashing a well-known Masonic hand sign, as suddenly one observes her fellow UKIPpers, including Mr. Nigel Farage, to be doing quite a lot of suddenly and lately. Up until this time you would NEVER observe such a thing. This can only lead to one conclusion – if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it must be a duck.
If the top UKIP brass is now Masonic this presents what at least in my own rational mind is a glaring conflict of interest. And that is that the very corrupt establishment they claim to be fighting and presenting a bold new alternative to are also their fellow craft.
It’s kind of like observing a bunch of guys all wearing NY Yankees baseball jerseys and standing out in a large green field and insisting you can find nothing they might have in common.
In this case it’s called…conspiracy. Yet another tedious drama to give the voters the impression they have diversity of options and a voice in their own political process when in fact all the options are cut from the same dubious and much outmoded cloth.
Let’s do the math…

Here’s the image I caught in the stream today – Janice Atkinson
of UKIP flashing the Mark Master 4th degree Masonic hand sign, indicating to those in the know (wink wink nudge nudge) that she’s
connected to the UK grand lodge.

And here’s Mr. Farage, their president, in the traditional silence hand sign:
UKIP Annual Spring Conference 2014
As you will now suddenly see these folks proudly flashing their craft credentials in every interview can we not conclude that they are Masons? Here’s where it gets funky…

David Cameron, their supposed arch enemy is also a Mason.
@1 (That’s Dave sucking up in a gesture of high praise to his superiors.)

But wait a minute…here’s Ed Miliband, Commie posh boy public enemy #1 – arch enemy of both Cameron and UKIP – and look, he’s also flashing his gang sign – his affiliation with the twin pillars of Masonry.

And here’s Mr. Nick Clegg showing happy submission to the agenda of “those above.”
Nick Clegg

And last but not least we have German Chancellor Angela Merkel
proudly flashing a cheezy Illuminati pyramid hand sign that was favorited by daddy Adolf. Tedious?

Conclusion: just like the guys in the Yankees shirts mentioned above, these folks are ALL PLAYING ON THE SAME TEAM.
So how anti-establishment and revolutionary can UKIP possibly be?
Um…not very. Can you say…CONTROLLED OPPOSITION?
It’s got to be just a ploy to reel discontent voters back to the old status quo by providing them with a drama that they are on the cutting edge of revolution. When in fact if they are on the cutting edge of future revolution, it’s more likely to be the Lenin Stalin corporate global government variety.
The writing’s on the wall. Soon UKIP’s going to slip you the British voting public a big mickey. It’s kind of like that old Monty Python skit of the diner in which every menu item contains spam and the staff is all conspiring to make you eat spam – no matter how much you hate spam and you’re not going to get other options. Don’t like spam in your voting booth? How about Farage,
Clegg, Cameron and Spam – that hasn’t got much spam in it now does it? It’s at least better than Farage, Clegg, Spam,Cameron, Merkel, Spam, Spam, Spam and Spam don’t you think? Have at it folks because once again Spam is about to rule Britannia.

(At least they’re great lovers of wildlife.Long story-don’t ask.)