1. Hydrate/Moisturize/Exfoliate.
2. No matter what always wear good perfume and cool jewelry.
Always wear good make-up even when “slumming” – the idea that
women breaking free of dependence on make-up is liberating
is pure myth. You look like a pale skank. People are being
polite and just not telling you.
3. Always maintain your cool.
4. Follow your own kicks. Don’t be concerned with what
other people are doing, avoid small talk and stay free of
the mundane details of life.
5. Realize that most of what you encounter in the world is a
scam, mind control or manipulation. Don’t be anyone’s
useful idiot.
6. Keep family at arms length or further.
7. Don’t “settle” in relationships and pull the plug on fizzled
affairs immediately. Extricate yourself from bad lovers before
hitting hard pavement.
8. Don’t talk to anyone who doesn’t buy into your illusions.
9. Supplements! Supplements! Supplements!
10. Manx cats.
11. Never listen to music you hate.
12. Don’t live beyond your means or accumulate debt or pile up
excess quantities of useless “stuff.”
Only spend on the coolest things/experiences you want most.
13. Always stay close to some form of co-pilot “higher power.”