It’s been in the back of my mind to do this for a long time and
I’ve never gotten around to it until today when maybe I just saw
that one too many Islamic ignorant media bytes somewhere and decided it’s time for me, fair Lightbearer, to finally shed some light on this subject in a simple concise way that maybe clueless Westerners can fully understand.
Now for sure the highly stereotypical fanatical terrorist dogmatic patriarchal backward model of traditional Islam does exist. This is a result of a once genuine and powerful mysticism being exploited by tyrants for petty personal gains. But you can also say the very same of Christianity – both devolved into repressive imperialist tradition-dogmatic patriarchal terrorist forces, only perhaps one being more hand-to-hand on the street and the other committed with bureaucracies and hi-tech, but the corrupt intent is exactly the same. However, I think hypocritical Christianity has better PR agents and puts a more mainstream friendly spin on their tradition than hypocritical Islam so I wanted to define my own personal understanding of the concept
of a “God” Allah, however controversial this might wind up being.
(This is just one example of a myriad of reasons I’ve never published my true identity or location on Twitter.)Being part
Turkish from a lineage whose family name means “sovereign” or
“ruler” you might think I’m entitled to these speculations.
But then being also a Northern European you might equally write me off as a white Satan and I suppose that’s equally fair game.
All I can say is…proceed at your own peril. Here goes…
First of all I reject the idea that Allah is a God in the sense
of a being, like a persona or male or female. I’ve stripped away the parochial need for a nanny-god patriarch to watch over and/or
punish me. I’m seeing “Allah” as in fact something that is the union of something like Western quantum physics + Eastern esoteric mysticism. The symbol for Allah is like a wave and a particle, yin and yang or male and female and it represents the perfect transcendance of all dualities. Mortal life of course resulting from various imbalances of opposites of one energy
creating the equivalent of karma, the reconciliation of that
equillibrium. Allah is the transcendant point beyond all opposities, the perfection, enlightenment and strength of that transcendant point beyond. One begins to recover that equillibrium and transcendance of the mortal entrapment by reconnecting with that point that was named Allah. And in doing so they find the gradual process of their life’s ascension path.
Islam was originally a set of symbols, rites and customs to help one connect to that point and the practice of prayer five times a day was to help everyone both individually and collectively stay connected to that higher inspiration and consciousness and being and bring that energy to their daily life expression.
It’s no more complex than that. Just one path of soul liberation and personal enlightenment. Living in contact with Allah becomes like zero point energy or what mystics refer to as “the state of
grace.” It’s a learned instinct for all that is beyond duality
and in fact all that is beyond both being and non-being.
It’s no more difficult than keeping yourself on the optimal energy frequency for a higher level of awareness and self.
If we in the West could experiment with collectively, five times
a day, taking a few minutes out to give our consciousness a
tune-up from a higher dimension – and brought that orientation
back to everyday life on a daily cyclical basis, imagine what
we might actually begin to accomplish as we re-envision our
world from this superior vantage point!
And lastly, what is the meaning of the concept “inshallah”-
“if it is the will of Allah” or “surrender to Allah?” It really doesn’t mean being totally passive and not taking responsibility or having free will. Ideally it means being “zen” and flexible enough to live in the present moment spontaneously, in tune with the transcendant higher dimension, not overly rigid and imposing only your own way or being stuck on petty personal or egoistic motives, but rather using your free will wisely, creatively, flexible enough to live in the now, in harmony with circumstances and acting in an inspired way from this higher frequency.
So when you respond “inshallah” you’re saying that you’ll cross that bridge when you get to it and hopefully when you do all the ducks will line up, all the different factors and dimensions of experience in inspiration from the greater beyond will be optimal
and you will be on top of your game and inspired from that greater mystery – and the best possible outcome will happen.
It’s being smart enough to know it’s not always about you and in fact you are part of an interacative universal co-creative living dynamic. Ok I think that sums up the basics…


 photo eye9_zps3be92545.png
(The Eye of Wisdom fused with the Alchemical Vessel. Meaning that
by attaining the higher awareness man can transform and exalt himself and his world.)