I’ve been thinking about this Marie Antoinette thing (see previous posts where I find out this is my birth lineage + my friend posits that it may have been a past incarnation) and came up with a few
more strange coincidences…

1.During my childhood I lived around the corner from Versailles Ave.
2.Not only do many of the women in past family and myself have
variations of the name Marie Antoinette in their full names,
but my father’s middle name was Louis.
3.As a child my favorite song was “Gallows Pole.”
4.When I was a very young child, I had a fear of going up this
very high stairway to the bathroom in my aunt’s house for fear
that if I was alone strangers would apprehend me and hang me.
This was totally irrational. I used to run up those massive stairs
and bolt across the dark cavernous looming hallway. That house
was haunted too. Years later a large male skeleton was found
in the concrete of the wine cellar exactly where I sat and
made wine and danced barefoot on the grapes with my aunt and uncle.
5.I was born with a strange neck injury that if you move it
to the left, a certain way, it can feel like like it’s almost
dislodging and is very painful yet there’s no wound or
fracture actually there. This was much worse when I was a child,
now very rare – maybe because I’m more Libertarian right-leaning?
; – )
6.This blog came with an image of the Palace of Versailles
in the header – I didn’t add that.
There were more but I don’t remember them now…