This video happened to be on my YouTube home page so I couldn’t help but stop and watch, much like the proverbial car wreck.
I think I did see this before but on the second view I noticed
many more details. Here are some of my observations…
Merkel’s body language makes clear that she isPISSED.None of this has gone according to what she sees as a set-in-stone pre-arranged
agenda – she blames Cameron for going against the grain of this
pro-EU game plan, like he is doing irreparable damage in how he’s
defining it to the public – a re-negotiation and changes that restore British sovereignty and an In/Out referendum.
She rolls her eyes in disgust four times that I counted.
She looks like she’s going to vomit. When Cameron mentions future
trade with the US she immediately makes the finger pointing to eye gesture meaning that she will be keeping a close eye on that
situation – clearly she is questioning what types of discussions and pacts are going on behind closed doors with US/UK.
She makes written notes questioning his statement that reform
will assure the EU no longer “meddling” in UK affairs – clearly
she is taken aback by this, in her view it’s understood that EU
law dominates – and also when he says they don’t expect Ukraine
to favor EU over Russia – in her mind of course they do.
She emphasizes that it’s about global not national identity.
She never actually looks at Cameron, never makes one instance
of eye contact. She is doing this to invalidate him and
demonstrate that she represents the superior power. She describes
the EU strategy as a “resilient architecture” – it’s obvious
she’s saying this is a pre-determined agenda (“architecture”
indicates a Masonic alliance)-while simultaneously making the
hand signal for the fellowship. She then talks about Ukraine
getting a new prime minister and the previous being gone –
but I think in a way hinting “you can just as easily be gone too.”
She’s implying that he’s not complying with the pre-agreed
agenda and as such can face consequences.
She then emphasizes the EU members are not independent but
part of the whole whose itinerary will take precedence.
She’s saying that the EU is to become the sole authority not
individual nations’ sovereignty. As much as I wouldn’t trust
Cameron, he actually starts to become the protagonist when
contrasted with Merkel and her group’s agenda. It’s clear that
he’s been advised and is certain the British public will at
least insist on reform that restores their powers if not outright
leaving the union and he’s trying to save himself politically.
He knows he will not survive if he conforms to the previous
agenda. He’s asserting what he knows he must do to not sink
politically. She sees this as betrayal of what she considers
a higher agenda. She thinks public opinion can be manipulated
and is not relevant. He has clearly come off his fence-sitting
position and going with majority public opinion if for no
other reason than to career saving and she now sees him as
an obstacle to be dealt with. Yet clearly she is also worried –
she knows the public is not going to support the ongoing EU
power grab but is determined not to back down.