absolut bullshit

I just had what was for me a sudden crystallizing “Aha moment”
re: the true insidious plans behind Obamacare. Of course we’ve all been ranting about power grabs and the onset of fascism but I just saw it in another perhaps more sinister way. It’s very simple. They want to get absolute monopolized control of all healthcare and ability to control individual plans so they can literally blackmail a nation into pretty much whatever they want.
Insist it’s being centralized in single payer to be affordable to a critical mass, then once in place jack up prices and assume total control of a nation’s health – if you want your health you’ll accept not only Obamacare but an entire neo-feudalist fascistic system they will gradually increment for the useful idiots. I’m not remotely racist but at this point I have to say this – Obamacare is the equivalent of a late night while the town is sleeping convenience store robbery. Or a hijacking. All I can to our president at this point is – “Be the change you want to see
in the world.” If you want all forms of racism and prejudice to end in this country, STOP GOING GHETTO. Obama is half African American and half white. Almost no one is hating on either group.
They are simply hating on Obama. And the reason for the repeated delays in launching this system is obvious. The puppetmasters know the public is not going to embrace it and the result of trying to impose it will be in one way or the other the end of their power. If they insist on putting pedal to the metal the endgame will not be neo-feudalist utopia. It will be lawlessness, economic collapse and civil war. Those of us still rational are trying to bring about a rational solution.