The issue:

The debate: Rand Paul:Philanthropist on a Quest for Knowledge and Social Unification or Jive-Ass Politician Pimping Votes?

My personal 2 cents:
Rand. Dude. Let’s get real, at least for a minute or two, ok?
You say you want to connect with Hispanic culture. If you are sincere in that sentiment, do you really and truly think that the Bush ranch is the fount of knowledge, the Holy Grail of ultimate wisdom that will bring you closer to the truth in a living experience? Do you think that simply moving from “Dubya” to P will change a radically negative image association to a swingin’ public relations coup for your campaign? If you answered yes to either of these questions it means you have simply not yet left Plato’s cave and fail to realize that the game is a lot bigger than you think it is. The hard truth in this situation is that going to the Bush camp for Latin cultural edification is much like going to John Wayne Gacy for tips on the cutest French manicure. Wake up and smell el cafe amigo! Get a grip before
you firmly establish yourself as naco bolillo jodido pero contento. Comprende?

Your words reveal your true intent – you’re not really trying to make an uplifting cultural connection to better serve world unity. You’re getting some quick tips on how you might manipulate a “demographic” to yield votes. You are reducing that culture to nothing more than a pawn in your game. Do you think they don’t notice that? Do you think they will not be insulted and in fact appreciate that? If you answered yes to either of those questions you are still quite clueless. Not to mention that defining this group as separate from yourself in the global community as if they are not part of the same humanity quickly shows others your empty self-serving manipulative arrogant patronizing indifference. Do you think no one can see that?

Fear not bro. Because I’ve taken personal time to provide you with a very generalized but useful briefing. My first advice would be to simply cut the crap, open your heart and mind and go actually spend time with Latino and other cultures not your roots. Be a real human being and actually join in and experience something. If you are sincere you will receive far more insight. And why not just ask them directly for their own input rather than considering them like lab rats under clinical observation by supposedly higher species who only seek to exploit them for their own purposes? Do you really think they don’t notice these attitudes and approach and are not offended? If you answered yes to those questions I suggest you cancel your trip until at least reading the following briefing. Best of luck dear traveller.