Due to the usual every day time constraints, I had to go with something brief but hopefully impactive in a positive way as I attempt a very miniscule overview of some cultural highlights that have most affected me personally. Of course I fully realize that Latin culture involves more than music, magick and street attitude –
there are contributions in all fields of endeavor, but these are just 5 quick glances at 5 random cool scenes.

1.1970 Album “Abraxas” – by Santana

2.Carlos Castaneda: The Fire From Within…Gripping,catalyzing
enlightening novel by a reknown shaman of the Mexican deserts
-topics include building “chi” vital life force,finding the
core self and its true powers,higher awareness, nature of the
soul and immortality, personal evolution, the deeper nature
and experience of tantric sex, etc.
 photo Fire_zpsf4bb76b9.png

3.Mexican Street Attitude
I know what some of you are thinking and are waiting to cry racism but it’s not. It’s just damn funny – and cathartic in the
right extreme circumstances – and anybody can do it. You will see
people of many races doing it in the video. And some of you folks might find some vivid new hand signs to add to your repertoire.
Check this out…
How to Curse Like a Mexican:

How to Curse Like a Mexican 2: The Comeback

4.Cuban Street Dancing (Is anyone this alive and joyful in
Washington?)Two of the dancers are from Finland. Note the guy
in the orange shirt does a hidden hand dance at the end.

5.Ayahuasca! (Only after you’ve completed 1-4).
Now of course it’s going to be a lot more dignified – but no less potent – with Libertarian participants. Goes without saying!


Next step…GOP Amazon Ayahuasca Invitational Weekender?
(“What happens in the jungle stays in the jungle.”) ; – )