Just a few quick comments re: UK’s David Cameron’s recent speech
at Davos 2014…My first impression was that I couldn’t help but
wonder if he got his inspiration to mention avoiding dystopia from the utopia/dystopia chart found very recently on my Twitter page.
Of course this could also be sheer coincidence but if not, it’s at least mildly amusing to consider that he also saw my “David Cameron don’t be a douchebag” poster.
In all fairness, I’d have to commend his incentives to encourage innovation and re-shoring.
For sure this guy is a mover and a shaker without a nano-second of slack in his schedule and knows how to get things done – but this
is equally why I’m wary of him. It all seems depersonalized and lacking in soul, like he’s a quarterback looking for the fastest way to score his agenda and the peoples’ opinions are something to quickly manipulate and get out of the way to his endgame.
It’s very obvious that his endgame is to placate the public about the EU and continue to develop it – mainly as a stepping stone
to a one world global government. And his vision of that government, at least in my perception, appears to be one that is micromanaged, benefits a small corporate elite (and of course himself as he figures prominently into its future) and utilizes a massive worker base in a manner that sounds a lot to me like Communist China. It’s obvious he hopes to evade an EU referendum or public reactions to his plan. He comes across like a quarterback trying to get the ball as quickly as possible into the end zone before anything can be questioned and sees the public as a minor inconvenience to evade. The whole thing is just massively hinky. I think it’s a big hustle and must be stopped before he can bulldoze it through a typically passive and clueless public. It’s very clear his main goal is a fast track
for the entirely archaic New World Order that most of the world has unmistakeably rejected.
I’m sorry to say it, but after seeing this presentation I’m all the more convinced that this guy is a consummate douchebag and
his Machavellian agenda needs to be intercepted fast.