As an enlightened Libertarian, it’s growing increasingly intolerable to continue to live in a society surrounded by both stupid people and totalitarian statists – as well as stupid totalitarian statists – and I’ve come up with an idea that I think
would both free us from the encroaching stranglehold of collectivism and respect the rights of the inferior to remain so and create their own society to accomodate that. And that is a return to “separate but equal” – not in a racist sense but to delineate the new rapidly diverging class dichotomy – the evolves
and the evolve-nots. Plotinus called this higher ground civilization “the philosopher’s city.”

I propose that the world resolve this conflict by ZONING.
There are so many fewer of us illuminated libertarians, we could be allotted perhaps one country in the world or one general territory and there we could endeavor to create a new utopia – harking back to the days of Plotinus establishing his Platonopolis in the fair Campania. An intended oasis of peace, democracy and libertarian ideals, as well as a city state of those seeking to live in a higher mystic union and reject all forms of tyrranical suppression. “The new race” – which would be an amalgamation of people of all races – but only those individuals able to embrace and personify the “Emanationist”
lifestyle. Or better yet let’s call it “Animist Emanationism.”
Or “Libertarian Animist Emanationism.”

Basic definition of Libertarian Animist Emanationism-
1. Libertarian – emphasis on personal liberty and a non-violent
objectivist way of life.
2. Animist – facilitating maximum unsuppressed vitality.
3. Emanationism – living from the transcendant realm of the
godhead, beyond good and evil, being and non-being, beyond
grotesque karmas, the living immortal superman in creative
harmony as co-creator with the Infinite.

Give us Scandinavia and we’re GONE. You’ll never hear from us