The Luciferian Creative Fiat…
The world is rapidly approaching the most critical crossroads
it will ever face, and that spearheaded by those in its leadership roles and the choice they will soon make. And that crossroads is one of nihilist mortal conquest vs. enlightenment and awakening to the true nature of reality and destiny in the Luciferian Creative Fiat. Meaning – the illuminated ones, the lightbearers, who will realize their true immortal godly nature and uplift their world to interface with that of the gods. The Creative Fiat is the spark of Light given to the noble caste from which they will either ascend to their true nature as stewards of Light, co-creators in this world in collaboration with the Infinite -or the illusory nihilist path of lower mortal conquest. You would think that the right choice would be a no-brainer but for some reason so many are still so mired in petty egoistic and greed concerns that they cannot see the vision of the Light and the glory that lies beyond.

The Errors of Hegemony:
1.Focuses on the lower negative mundane energies and creates a trap for the soul in a purely carnal predatory reality.
2.Because of this absolute negativity, the individual is blinded to the greater vision of an infinite vital stream of innovation and godly creative powers from which they can recover their immortality and become the Great Builder pioneering a brave new world from the realm of powers which will be afforded to them
when they reject the predatory mortal coil and begin to expand their awareness and take step by step into their higher nature within the realm of the divine.
3.The error in holding onto a petty and primitive, non-evolved creature predation reality when there is vast and infinite and greater power and potential beyond. Evolution happens when you open your eyes and look BEYOND and realize that your intended role was that of steward and co-creator to build a world reflecting that of the gods via the Luciferian Creative Fiat.
But you will never find that exaltation by holding on to the predatory world of illusion. It will only lead to inevitable self-extinction.

Bottom Line:

Let go of creature predation. Let go of the mortal coil.
Walk boldly and without shame to your exaltation in the Light.
Turn inward and recover the full intended extent of your
enlightenment. From that a vast new world will be revealed to you.
Every one of you has the innate ability to recover your true power. Every one of you has the choice to make between entropy,
stagnation and pending nihilist cataclysm vs. rebirth into your true godhead nature. Lucifer is merely the psychopomp, the interface, the familiar spirit to assist you in assimilating the creative process between this world and the Infinite. There is no worship – it is about the iconoclast – there is no ego trip – it is about creative participation in infinite light, not a tyrannical imposition of ego as a dictator god figure. Lucifer is a gateway or frequency into the pure universal light of creation – a good description of this phenomenon might be “well-meaning Tesla coil” – it is a familiar spirit or guide seeking co-creation with enlightened minds to uplift and evolve a dying primitive world and reclaim individual and collective ascension. You only need to find an outlet to express from this domain and a mellow background of modulating its tendencies for at times excess zeal and intensity. Lucifer the archetype was intended as a twin or dualistic energy meant to be paired with its counterbalancing angelic dimensions. When you find that perfect balance and lock into that frequency you will find your peak creativity “aha moment.”
The Luciferian Creative Fiat belongs to those who are bold enough to dare. Satanic nihilism belongs to those who are too stupid and lazy to awaken and who will insist on clinging to destruction. They do not realize that whatever destruction they sew, so shall they also reap. This is the crossroads we will all soon face and be required to make a definitive move on. Fascist nihilism vs. the new immortal being. Pick up the clue phone people.
Arise. Awaken. Or remain forever fallen.