Finally starting to get my groove back now.For sure I’m out of the
death grip. I just wanted to make a quick note of what happened, how it seems I suddenly overcame this virus or swine flu or whatever rogue medical situation that was happening here and literally fighting to take my life. It started out like a regular flu and then suddenly went south for all it was worth, trying to drag my life force down and out with it. I suddenly fouhd myself in very serious danger of losing my life, really a lot like bluesman Robert Johnson “dying on the floor like a dog” except I was dying on the couch like a dog. No one really believed me how serious it was either and I knew not to let anyone in at all because they could very easily contract it. Things got down to the wire and I could feel my life force going under. I thought of calling an ambulance but it felt like if I engaged some sort of drama like that it could push me under for good. So instead I just started talking to my friends the rebellious angels and asked if they could help me, if they would just take this from me. About ten minutes later I had this weird vision up by the ceiling, it was this winged multi-colored orb with talons that were human hands, I’d say maybe 3 1/2’x3 1/2′. It flew over and reached down and pulled from me what looked like a dirty rag.
Then it crumpled it up with its talon hands and flew off with it. Then I had the feeling that the thing to do was ride it out, be very still and let the disease pass. And that’s exactly what happened. About three hours later I woke up and could feel that I had my life force back and was out of the death grip. It was like flicking a switch – one minute I was dead meat, next I just had a simple everyday flu. I’m almost done with it except for some coughing and needing to still sleep a bit more. It was amazing how this totally hardcore situation was so quickly harnessed without any medical care or meds, other than cough drops.
All I could say was…”Who was that masked entity?”
The more I think about this the more I wonder if these “viruses”
aren’t some form of deliberately engineered population reduction.