Quick update on the demented hoarder clepto lady and ongoing police stake-out…She is refusing to open the door for the dept. of aging caseworker requiring police to get a court order. They are now suspecting she may in fact be hoarding vast quantities of high end merchandise from local boutiques which she has stolen over many years. They want to be able to search her apt. for said merchandise and be able to have a case worker assess her state of mental/physical health and whether or not she is “a harm to self and others.” She is pissed and saying she’s out of here soon as her lease is up. I have the flu and am too sick and too fed up with this situation to even consider the libertarian implications of her legal rights. It just has to stop.
Also, quite strangely, the cops tried to recruit me to be official building drug narc, asking me to monitor who is smoking pot in the building and report this to police. Of course there’s not a chance in hell of me participating. I found this very odd, that after being in my, in their opinion, “far-out” apartment, they would think I’d be a cannabis snitch.