Quick update on the recent police incident I detailed here re: the cleptomaniac 90 or + year old in my building who’s been stealing everyone’s mail packages – takes any packages she can get her hands on and piles them in piles in her apartment along with tons of stolen merchandise from local shops and items she retrieves from the trash – then when confronted denies it all – despite the evidence in your face filling most of her dwelling – then insists she’s “a God-fearing Christian woman.” She has now been assigned a social worker/case worker to try to get to the bottom of exactly what her problem is and how to assist her in ceasing to be a social pariah. She has barricaded herself in her apartment, turns the television volume up sky high and is refusing to allow the worker entrance to her apartment or to talk with her at all. More legal measures will have to be taken somehow or she’s going to wind up in the slammer. She clearly knows what she’s doing and that it is wrong. I have no mercy left for her. I’m hoping this incident will result in her being “scared straight” and an end to the problem but she’s pushing the envelope and determined to continue buying the stairway to Hell. This is only going to get uglier for her unless she gets a grip on it soon.