Just a quick possible conspiracy theory that passed through my mind this morning during some insomnia and random political subterfuge type theorizing…Re: the recent death of UK airplane pilot who’d flown the infamous Nigel Farage UKIP crash and recently turned up unexplainably dead in his own home and there’s no further discussion about it…hinky. I’m not alleging anything as fact, only positing a possibility…what if various rogue govt elements that wanted the Eurosceptic UK Out movement stifled because it’s gaining too much political ground had surreptitiously paid the pilot to let them insert what they said would be a listening device in the cockpit of the plane, maybe even suggesting some topics for guided conversation, and maybe did that, but more importantly, had slipped in a remote control device to either decimate the plane and kill the key UKIPpers – or at least send a clear message to scare them into backing down – and either it malfunctioned and didn’t detonate or did succeed in crashing and giving its threatening message to the guests?
They can easily destruct planes by remote control and there is even more sophisticated technology such as a device that can remove the oxygen from the cabin (de-oxygenate). The story that the plane’s trailing banner got tangled in a propeller just seems too inconvenient and lame. Surely something like that would have been engineered out of possibility. So what if whoever was behind this possible sabotage might now be someone who’s gotten some significant clout and decided they could sleep more soundly at night if they just eliminated this inconsequential Joe 6-pack potential loose cannon pilot – especially being someone unsophisticated in handling classified knowledge and now bankrupt and desperate – he might easily be someone willing to spill whatever they knew if indeed there is a more dubious story behind this disaster. Just a thought. Not claiming it as fact, just mere speculation. I’m just finding it odd that no information is coming out about the cause of death and this entire story has been conveniently swept under the carpet even by the media.
Just posing it as a “what if?”…