Incredibly surreal turn of events here. I’ve mentioned before this 90 year old living in my building who has stolen large amounts of tenants mail. This finally led to my having a direct personal confrontation with her in which I made clear to her that if she’s sighted again stealing mail by anyone in the building she’s getting cuffed and going downtown. She backed off and I really thought that was the end of it. But no…she’s recently struck again. I reached the max out point on this whole thing because I alone have had a few hundred $ worth of goods stolen and I’m not the only one. Then she branched into stealing laundry from the laundry room. So this morning was the breaking point. I filed police charges against her and right now as I type yet another mini Waco situation is underway with police staking out around her apartment as she blasts her television and pretends she can’t hear anyone banging very very loudly on her door. The building manager has also been called to the scene. I don’t know what’s next, possibly she really will be cuffed and taken to the police station. I honestly don’t care. She’s had every warning and I know she is at least lucid enough to understand that theft is wrong and everyone is on to her.
She claims to be 90 but looks much older. Well over 100.
The banging continues right now and police have surrounded her apartment on the ground floor.
More details as the situation develops…