Update on today’s mail cleptomania police sting…
The stand-off continued well into the afternoon with the perp
refusing to open the door and blasting her tv until finally she
cracked open the door for officers. They tried to talk to her about the situation but she became angry and defensive, refusing their
request to have further discussion in her apt. to respect her privacy so other tenants wouldn’t hear it. She blocked the door with her body and acted very paranoid, then the officer said he strongly suspected it was because she had something to hide –
that of course being 2 years of stolen property. So…
they actually took her downtown in the squad car and now she has a dept. of aging case worker who will be coming to visit and monitor her. She is so enraged she’s insisting she’s going to move out of this building. If she does no one will complain, that’s for sure.
She has a lease, unfortunately, it won’t be so easy for her to move immediately. But I hope today’s drama will now deter her criminal behavior. They told me to call immediately if more mail is is missing and that she has been firmly warned with future potential jail time and will be under observation for awhile. Hopefully this will be the end of it. They must have talked with other tenants who confirmed it because they aren’t buying any of her stories and are taking the hard line with her. Hopefully the result will be that she is scared straight. I forgot to mention that this same woman also goes out almost every evening making the rounds to local shops, filling a totebag with stolen goods.
She freaked out when police wanted to come in because her place is piled high with stolen hoarded goods, there is barely a trail to walk through it. When confronted, she immediately invokes the name of Jesus and repeats that she’s “a God-fearing Christian woman.” She asked me if I really think a born-again Christian would do such things. “All the more so” I replied.
Hopefully today’s drama has resulted in a valuable lesson for her on one of the key commandments, thou shall not steal.