1. Found out I don’t need that Keith Richards blood transfusion after all and will be fine after finishing up treatment.
Harrowing. Like what they call a “Come to Jesus moment” except
the arresting officer never showed up and my traffic ticket was torn up.

2. My new doctor guessed my age as 16 years younger than it is and was very shocked at truth. Good traits to have in a medical practitioner.

3. Same doctor certified that this bracelet I made could anatomically kill a human being – and wasn’t joking. I think maybe he just doesn’t get around very much.

4. I had a few beers to take the edge off today’s medical cliffhanger. Some weird new Michelob beer made with cactus. ???
Strange to go straight from hospital to a bar.

5. When I came home, people in the building informed me that our heat is off. They had been calling mgmt. about this all day with no results and someone finally got ahold of me because for some odd reason, no one else in the building gets maintenance when they call – except ME – I get immediate response. Not sure if it’s because I’m a VIP or they think I’m a psychopath but I don’t question it. Sure enough, when I placed the call they had someone here in minutes.