Just some quick comments re: the Tom Campbell video I just
posted. It goes without saying but I’ll state it anyhow –
of course I don’t agree with his belief that all forms of govt – including totalitarian – would work well if managed by individuals acting in love. Love could not be maintained in conditions violating individual freedom. I do think it could work, in the most utopian sense, in Smith’s hidden hand if there was a pure free market untampered with by govt and if society had evolved beyond a fear-based orientation of individuals assuming roles of predator or prey and accepting corruption as the standard. It could work because it’s pure freedom but it would only work if society entirely transcended this negativity and adopted a more cooperative than combative approach. But I do agree with his ideas on love and the need for a more cooperative approach and to open up more creative potential, even greater potentials for expanding the confines of relative reality by realizing that we are living in a datastream-created virtual reality. Your comments welcome…