To sum it up in the most general of terms, the world is going to basically split in two – old paradigm vs. new paradigm. Those who insist on holding on to outmoded negative corrupt and exploitive ways will continue as they are until they finally through their innate dysfunction, bring about their own self-extinction through some sort of mass cataclysmic events – because the negative patterns they are propagating do not serve the survival and betterment of the species. It’s very much like the dinosaurs, when a species doesn’t pay attention to the cues of natural selection, eventually missing its naturally generative and beneficient powers and ultimately no longer able to sustain itself. Those who move toward the new paradigm will continue to undergo many profound inner changes that lead to an exaltation of their nature, their species and a reconnecting with the higher order of being we originated from but somehow forgot. Those people will create a new world from their visions of the infinite and reconnect with their immortal nature. The new world will be more like a hologram, not as deadeningly carnal and base, but more like a living dream that is an expression of the infinite powers from which it will derive.
Soon you’ll have to decide which team you’re batting for –
EVOLUTION or DE-EVOLUTION. It’s not so much going to be about the haves and the have-nots anymore so much as the evolves and the evolve-nots. Each individual will have a free choice to make.
Those who evolve are going to begin going through some very profound awakenings in their awareness of who they really are and the infinite potentials of creation at their fingertips. They will be the ones who survive to re-envision the new world. Those who refuse to evolve and cling to negative fear and hate-based ways will continue the path of entropy until they gradually, over time, leave this world and the negative patterns vanish with them. Some may die out gradually others may disappear en masse through major cataclysmic events. Then they will be in the lower regions of the astral plane where they will either begin to learn from these events and reconceive theirselves and transform – or I suppose just keep repeating these useless destructive patterns until they do. Earth as we’ve known it has been existing under destructive fear-based patterns which are leading us to the brink of either extinction or transformation. Every individual will have that choice.