Re: the upcoming employee walk-out strikes in various fast food restaurants and Wal-Mart…I just wanted to make one point that I think is important but usually overlooked. We hear a lot about the importance of the federal government’s need to pull back on interfering with the free market presuming powers that were never constitutionally granted and that’s a given. However, for some reason some conservatives don’t want to acknowledge the other side of this issue, which is that a free market also means government non-interference in employees’ rights to organize and demand negotiations with management. I personally see this trend of labour beginning to get educated and effectively unify to demand a fair deal with employers as a positive trend for the following reason -stopgap government measures to minimally improve workers’ conditions continue to set a precedent of acceptance of government’s interference in the free market which is not granted constitutionally, only expanding upon their ability to continue to usurp illegal powers. And what progress they do make for workers rights is for the most part only bare minimum standards still badly lacking in the current cost of living, but that minimum is often enough to keep workers complacent and not motivated enough to take action and demand more. Far more effective than this and far more conducive to promoting liberty is the workforce not giving up its power to rely on government to maintain minimum conditions, but rather in using their power to organize in numbers to, in the context of a free market, demand fair standards that the market will bear. It’s only through this kind of real day to day negotiating by empowered individuals that true and lasting conditions of liberty will prevail. So in my opinion libertarians should broaden their thinking and embrace both sides of this equation if they really do want a free market.