Paleo-Con 101: Breaking down the basics…

1.Most people are stupid. Ergo, the vast majority of ways you can roll the dice in any democracy will result in mob rule by dumb people. Therefore government powers must remain limited only to what is absolutely essential and even that is iffy.

2.The road to civil planning utopia is paved with good intentions.
Progressivism, the idea that individuals can create the ideal utopian society if only allowed carte blanche with legislative powers is fallacy. No two people, let alone an entire nation, will ever come to agreement on what is the optimal working society, the excess of power given to legislators will only rob them of their liberties.

3.Bureaucracies don’t ever actually solve problems, they only work to protect the interests of the bureaucracy created and build bigger bureaucracy. Once excess power is granted to a bureaucracy it becomes a toxic albatross around the necks of the people, threatening their liberties.

4.Nanny state totalitarian wealth redistribution of wealth and social funding schemes only result in massive government power grabs and a loss of personal civil liberties. Totalitarian based social initiatives impede individual initiatives toward new innovations and citizens’ own selective economic co-operatives that more specifically meet their needs. Encouraging citizen dependence on government to meet financial needs only breeds a weak unmotivated non-proactive society.

5.Excess bureaucracy only creates a wider margin for private business agendas to co-opt government and this fosters a climate of fascism.

6.Libertarians don’t oppose citizens forming economic so-operatives, only insist they cannot be mandated, funded or administered by government. Outside of government mandate, it is the citizens’ right to do so. There are many solutions that can come from collaborative efforts but they should not be imposed on the people through legislation.

7.The only appropriate roles of government should be maintaining daily life functions – roads, post offices, etc. – and defending citizens’ most basic Constitutional rights which can for the most part be objectivelly defined.

8.What do I as a libertarian want from government? Nothing. Nothing at all. And as much as possible, non-interference in my life.