In short, Satan is a repressed Christian finally acting out or a Luciferian who didn’t do the work and didn’t do their homework. What it boils down to is a tiny glimpse of half-assed enlightenment used to exploit those who don’t have it. Profiteering from one spark of light instead of waiting to see the entire rainbow. Taking a small amount of knowledge and power and using it for a quick power grab and some fast ego gratification and ponzi schemes – and enjoying it for awhile – then getting stuck in the negativity you have created, the stagnation of a diabolical closed concept system that can only repeat itself ad nauseum until it finally implodes in deadly chaos. It’s seeing wealth as the god, the all, rather than a key resource with which to become the architect building the world of the true Godhead. It’s never realizing that the game is a hell of a lot bigger than you think it is. It’s contentment in becoming the one-eyed king of the blind. It’s the betrayal and exploitation of love and basic well-being and the pure processes of nature and not knowing that this choice leads to only one endgame – self-extinction. Self-extinction through both massive world cataclysms and also a slow toxic morbid unseen downward spiral. And from this creating a poisonous culture that is a gradual mass deadening, not an awakening to the infinitely greater potentials of true enlightenment. Essentially it’s the ultimate stupidity. Like playing Let’s Make a Deal and telling Monte Hall you want to go for the Samsonite luggage and not the Porsche behind door #2.
Aside from the essential love and well-being and happiness that was lost, the vision remained unseen. The vision for the world as Heaven on Earth. As a civilization we now face the choice of going back and getting that wisdom, that eternal immortal vision and reconceiving ourselves and our world from what we will see – vs. continuing the self-destructive downward spiral of entropy following the path of the dinosaurs.
What is Satan on a more practical level? Basically a demon. A parasitic energy that fuels and feeds on fear. The unenlightened individual can use that limited power for a limited time to gain limited worldly benefits and status. But ultimately the negativity they have created becomes self-destruction and the restriction of addiction to false icons leads to an entrapnment of the self and soul which is what is referred to in the legendary “pact with the devil.” It’s using negativity to coerce selfish desires and a gradual self-destruction resulting from ones enslavement to them.
It’s a desire to cut to the chase and grab some of the goodies by any means necessary rather than waiting to see the bigger picture and build the bigger eternal vision. And then becoming stuck there for having been cut off from the infinite. Groups like America and the Aryans who became the Nazis made this same very basic mistake in being tricked by the Satanic. Hitler essentially served the role he was born to play in the human drama – the Satan figure that led nations astray. The truth is there had been better options, like for example all of the scientific and arts and mystical societies such as the Vril society and the Thule Society who began with the true vision but were led away from it by its misuse by the Third Reich. Had they remained on that path, who knows how the world might have developed instead? That’s why this sense of being collectively unfinished with Nazism – because there was once something very powerful and true there that could potentially be recovered and steered into the true direction and become very empowering and great again. Our civilizations need to undergo a process of distilling the Satanic from that which bears light. Remove the tyranny and oppression of all people and recover the real vision of the immortal world. Satan is the half-assed power grab before getting the much bigger greater picture. Satan is ultimately not a power, it is the absence of Light. It amounts to putting up drywall when you could have learned just a little bit more and become the Universal Builder.