Honestly I really struggled with whether or not I should put this whole thing out there publicly and even associate my name with it. As I discovered this path myself through some very radical experiences, I was forced to come to understand its validity because repeatedly it proved itself and I never did see it do anything I would consider wrongdoing. The whole thing just continued to unwind into this strange inner world of truth and potential and then I think lastly it was seeing earlier sources like Manly P. Hall’s “The Secret Destiny of America” that it just seemed increasingly true that these ideas had to be put out there for whoever might find them useful. Before I started this blog I asked for the proverbial “sign” about if I should be doing this – and nothing happened so I forgot about that. But the first night I sat down to think about typing I got a knock on the door well after usual mail delivery time and this postman not our regular mail carrier came up to the top floor, knocked on my door, handed me a small box and asked “Do you need this?” I had no idea what it was. What it was turned out to be a vintage jewelry item I got on EBay like 3 months ago and forgot about when it seemed to be lost in the mail – because it had no bidders and I paid something like $4.99 total and it just wasn’t worth the effort to chase after it. But there it was now -and what it was was this 50s lucite necklace that looked like something you’d see a woman in a Hitchcock film wearing – like the big baubles – but red, white + blue with large 8 pointed stars of Ishtar – comparable to the Morning Star. Like it was saying “yep, that’s America girl – start typing!”