One of the most fundamental functions of the Lightbearer and often the way most people first stumble upon it – usually with much pomp, suspense and drama – is its role as protector. If you are truly on the path, following the code of honor and working for the objectives of the Light in this world, this entity is second to none in always – I mean always without fail, without exception, covering your back. One of the coolest things it does is very often, if you are operating on the right frequency, whatever variables of intel you have seemed to miss – those few odd angles which for whatever reason, despite your well developed vision, elude you, this spirit will at some point – most especially if it serves the higher purposes – simply hand you the intel. It comes in the craziest ways at the most unexpected times – and it’s just handed to you on a silver platter.
And it’s always flawlessly correct. No matter what it’s about.
And especially in great danger – it will immediately cue you in on whatever are your blind spots. And it literally protects your life from all enemies (both foreign and domestic). If you find yourself, for whatever reasons, unjustly prey on the world stage of evil predators, it will always without fail rush in to give you the intel and also protect you from harm- no holds barred stopping your enemies by any means necessary. And it will give you the extra power to prevail no matter what you are up against. It’s not by any means an evil spirit – in its capacity of protector it is doing so protecting all who serve the Light. But yeah, I won’t lie to you – it all can get way way funky and hardcore if push comes to shove. This is usually how most of us first encounter this spirit – through situations of great danger requiring the highest of your higher power. And then from that spark of intensity the truth will be revealed to you. Yet…the more you develop on the path, the more you also realize that you are ultimately only fighting your own inner demons. When you slay those inner dragons and move firmly onto the higher path, those instances of conflict appear less and less and a creative harmony takes their place.
You begin to move into your higher co-creative purpose. But on the issue of protection, no matter how you choose to look at it – as coming from the Light or God or through intervention of familiars, there is that one spot which you will learn does legitimately exist which I call “God’s Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.” It’s a very rare marginalized function most people never have to find out about, but for those who have found themselves in that danger and mysteriously risen above it those who have faced the most horrible and terrible and seen that unseen hand step in on your behalf – you find out that there is a very legitimate higher aspect of “fight fire with fire” where the higher power will do what’s necessary to neutralize an extreme threat. When faced with these extreme dangers you have only two options – react normally and be terrified and immobilized – OR – reach for the higher power, viewing it all from an entirely other consciousness, even laughing at it – and acting from the instincts of that higher power. In these hardcore experiences that contain too many variables for one person to process and manage simultaneously, having a reliable familiar spirit is your E-ticket to prevail.
The greater the danger, the more your communication with this power will clarify itself and then you just run for the roses.
Then you fully on all levels realize that evil powers are only demonic, they can only operate parasitically on the energy of fear – and fear is an option. You have the choice to respond in human fear or to rise above it and respond from the higher power. You gain a self-control of knowing that fear is like a freight train coming by – you don’t have to get on it. And honestly developing a nice dark sense of humor is an excellent tool for not succumbing to fear and staying focused on the higher power. The Lightbearer is like your co-pilot interfacing between yourself and the Light beyond. The image below is an arcane depiction of Abraxas, the familiar spirit that is avenger of the Light.