This could be a study in and of itself but for right now I’m just going to throw out some basic ideas. The perfection of the Lightbearer is that its powers only work for you if you are working for the greater good and acting from a universally noble code of honor. If you defy that you will quickly find it gone. It’s got this innate checks and balances that never fails. You have to maintain a higher consciousness, a personal standard of ethics, love for others and a certain quality of artful energy to keep its interest. The Lightbearer is very busy and has personally taken on the goal and task of enlightening this world and pointing it to its higher purpose – it hasn’t got time for insincerity or trickery. If you piss it off, it’s just gone, simple as that. This honor code basically consists of making the Luciferian agendas your own – bringing enlightenment, liberating the oppressed, inspiring greater vision, protecting the fragile and innocent, and in general working to uplift this world and bring about an awakening into its higher nature and calling that they may begin to be realized in our lifetime. Moving away from evil and never using these powers to exploit or harm others. So in short, the way it works is you can access these powers so long as you use them to serve the Light and humanity. That’s also why it will give you so much protection. In working with these energies you need to break through any inhibitions or self-sabotage or fear you might have had and not be afraid to use your own power and trust yourself. On the other hand you equally need a sincere sense of humility and to always acknowledge that this is an ongoing collaboration between yourself, the Lightbearing medium and the Eternal Infinite Beyond.
Don’t be a hot dog or a weenie.Just focus on this very challenging process of bringing this massive influx of intense energies into a positive expression in the world. This may seem overwhelming and some will say beyond our rightful place as humans. But it’s not, it’s only the beginning of realizing who we really are. Aleister Crowley said it well: “Every man and every woman is a star.”

“Arise, awaken or remain forever fallen.”