To be honest I can’t say that this path, or any path at all is foolproof or perfect. I’d cite that quote by Auden “We are lived by powers we pretend to understand” and the overall infinite ultimately unknowable nature of the human mind and the endless cosmos. No matter how pious and careful and earnest you are, no matter who you are or where you travel in the universe….Shit happens. Somewhere along the road is some form of crazy blowback. But it gets better as you progress. The precautions I recommend in dealing with the path of Lucifer is knowing its excesses – it can be overzealous, use more intensity and force than necessary, and drive you nuts with this bombardment of all the energies it’s opening up to you when you are really tuned in, all the potential and not knowing where to go with it. I have found that for whatever reason the color sky blue or robin’s egg blue acts as a balm for this spirit, it’s innately soothing and has this balancing effect – and I started wearing jewelry with the stone larimar (pictured below). And this has worked very well in calming it down. It’s a raw and intense energy that depends on you for some modulation and balance. I also realized that this very same color blue is found on the Masonic apron and originally was intended to symbolize connection to Lucifer. That was so strange to me, it’s all so far out to begin with and here it is being validated by another source – telling me yes Monica I really dig that color. Another thing about Lucifer is it’s an essentially dualistic energy – it plays the rebel nemesis to somebody else’s orthodoxy – and over time they continue to go at it. The best known rivalry was Lucifer and the angel Michael – and I now firmly believe these energies are well into a reconcilation process, a balancing of the energies. So it can also be a good strategy to pair this path with another more mellow one and play them back and forth with each other. Because all paths, if pursued sincerely eventually lead to the same infinite source. All roads lead to Rome – not only Rome but your own personal dolce vita! Really the more you learn with mysticism, the more you will find yourself correlating it all into one path because it’s all just symbolism for the same infinity. But I’d say in a general sense, it’s good to pair this energy with whatever conjures a more mellow and loving and peaceful vibration – because if all you have is the cutting edge you will eventually bleed on it. But that’s still not to say it’s a dark energy – just intense. Less experienced practitioners need to be sure they have not been fooled by other energies deriving from the Satanic – it’s well known to try to sneak in there, turning that intensity into conflict. And THIS is where they got the concept of “appearing as an angel of light” –
it’s the nature of Satanic or demonic energy to try to slip itself in there. But more experienced lightbearers are well beyond this and know it’s a really petty and easily banished energy, nothing more than a minor parasite. This is not to say that the Lightbearer isn’t loving – but it’s the kind of love of a co-revolutionary, a co-conspirator, a comrade in arms sharing your secret mission. Or any kind of intense passion. It’s good to have another element bringing in a much-needed mellowness. Overall I’d choose an analogy like this – at it’s best the Lightbearer is brilliant genius, a fantastical muse, a great protector and the most infinitely profound spiritual guide. At worst it’s that annoying eccentric uncle that nobody wants to talk about who’s come along in the back seat for a long family roadtrip. Get yourself a surge protector for this power source.

Larimar stones: