Inspiration, Intel + Innovation

The next functions of the Lightbearer to be discussed here are inspiration, intel + innovation. At least in my personal experience,
Lucifer is first and foremost a muse – or at least that’s the main goal to get to after all the subterfuge has cleared – its key purpose is INNOVATION. If there is indeed a Luciferian agenda, I would define it as fundamentally this:
As an entity or world familiar spirit, its main purposes are to free all individuals from all forms of oppression (which is why it will not cooperate in any tyrannical plans), to inspire in the creation of truly cutting edge innovations in this world (in all disciplines- the arts, sciences, political, etc. – and even beyond that, always game to experiment in the quest for what lies beyond the bounds of known reality (that’s where the Prometheus risk factor comes in), to provide ironclad protection to those carrying out these noble works under the code of honor, and exaltation – to raise the earth as a collective up to its intended nature as a world of the gods, essentially to free the fallen to claim their rightful place in the higher order that was always intended they be part of. Or once were part of before a fall from grace. Lucifer is the co-pilot and co-conspirator for those who will not settle for mediocrity and aspire to something that lies beyond the known. As well as the protector and ally of all those seeking liberation from all forms of oppression of this world. Its ultimate goal is to serve as muse and provide inspiration for this new world and all its many new innovations. That is what it’s trying to push us
toward – to cutting the unnecessary and life-draining conflict that keeps us in stagnation or even entropy and destruction as a world and light the way to the path of the infinite potential that lies beyond. It wants to serve as an inspiring muse, a provider of intel, a power source and a collaborator in whatever will ultimately be THE NEXT BIG THING. I personally tend to think of it most as an energy and intelligence source, a frequency, a higher wavelength to aspire to communicate and collaborate with – it’s the unknown factor, the spark that takes everything higher and reveals the infinite unknown. It’s not in any way trying to be your personal God, doesn’t seek worship, doesn’t demand a deal for your soul in the end. It wants to be a very powerful muse and psychopomp into creative potentials beyond this world. (But admittedly yes, you have to agree to the Promethian No Whining Clause – which is that you do not expect to be immune from the laws of karma. You will accept the karmic laws and take any consequences of risks you might take in pursuit of the unknown.) That’s what ultimately separates the wheat from the chaff of humanity – those willing to dare, to risk, to engage the adventures that lie beyond – and those who cling to their mediocre safety nets. Lucifer is only intersted in giving time to those who look BEYOND…When you have spent enough time on this path, you will have developed the right balance of humility and daring, and a basic instinct for what the ancients called “treading the tail of the tiger” – which means stepping out on the edge of what might be possible, being willing to dare and to risk for human evolution, yet at the same time not overstepping your bounds and attempting the reckless or foolhardy. It’s essentially about finding and living from the cutting edge. Your familiar spirit or psychopomp is the go-between of the human world and the abstract world of creative potential who you learn to dialogue and collaborate with in bringing the new world to fruition. The sense of universal completion only happens when the human and supernatural worlds reconcile and transcend this gross duality. Creation cannot happen without either side of this equation. The only truth is that which happens when they unite. In Biblical times this phenomenon was once called “obtaining the knowledge and conversation of the holy guardian angel.”